Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have a tendency to do features. lol A few of the ones I do are below. Some every week. Some once a month. Some I haven't done in a while but would like to again at some point. Click the banners or links to find out more about each and see the posts!

Every Monday we're sharing our favorite quotes! Anyone can join in. Just share a favorite quote. With or without a review attached and link up! You can post other days of the week as well just come by once our post is live and add yours.

More Info: HERE

I haven't done this one in a long while but I'd like to. It was basically taking a task a month and making it happen. A craft or house project or something like that.

More Info: HERE

Sharing all the fun stuff yall tag me in on social media!

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This kind of took over for the Bucket List. I've gotten in a rut and trying to work my way out of it.

More Info: HERE

Ha! So Randomly Random is just that. It's all the things that pop in my head at 3am and have no where else to go.

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