Thursday, February 9, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem by Erin McCarthy

Dr. Houston Hayes has never had trouble maintaining his professional distance with both patients and co-workers...until he meets resident Josie Adkins. Every time the tiny tornado of cheery clumsiness drops a chart in his presence, he's treated to a view that makes him extremely interested in her bones. Jumping them, that is. For a man who prides himself on control at all times, this is getting to be a problem. And problems always have solutions. All her life, Josie has wanted to be a surgeon. But how can she do that while she's suffering from the debilitating Dr. Hayes Induced Dropping Medical Equipment Syndrome? Honestly, with those ice blue eyes and powerful shoulders dipping down to a--whoops, there goes the blood pressure cuff--what's a girl to do? And then Dr. Hayes shocks her by prescribing a very sexy cure: one night of sheet-burning passion to erase the sexual tension for both of them. But only one night...he won't need more than that. Suddenly, Josie has her mission--a chance to prove the arrogant Dr. Hayes wrong. One night with her will never be enough if she has her way. And soon, both doctors may be falling into a desire deeper than any they've ever that makes them hungry for more.

Type: Contemporary Romance/ Chick-Lit
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

This May I'm getting to attend Lori Foster's Annual Reader & Author Get Together. I'm so stinking excited it's not even funny. I've only read a handful of authors going though so decided to a ton of reading before hand and read a little from each author. Thus....Erin McCarthy and Houston, We Have a Problem. It turned out to be a pretty cute book and one to add to my guilty little pleasures pile. Loved the title too.

McCarthy's writing is very easy to read and jump right into. The world is fairly simple and the characters entertaining. Two horny doctors that are driving each other crazy. Houston is a brilliant, arrogant and emotionally distant surgeon and Josie a bubbly, cheerful doctor in training dealing with insecurities that has been reduced to a complete and utter klutz whenever she's in the same room with Houston.  Loved the start with Houston drooling inappropriately over Josie. And he continues to do so throughout. There's a major bit of drama midway through that was pretty predictable but needed in order to move things along with the two. Forcing Houston to give up some of his control over things which is something incredibly hard for him. It also gave Josie a way to get more involved in his life. I liked both of the characters even though in real life I'm sure both would have driven me right up a wall. But they were a nice fit and good for each other when dealing with personal hangups.

Little heads up if you're at all squeamy about medical procedures. You're probably going to get a little grossed out over a couple scenes. I so have a thing about bones being broken. Saws. Hammers. ::Shudder:: There's not a ton of this but damn if I didn't get a little twitchy there for a second. Okay, a lot twitchy and a less than dignified noise may have come out of me once or twice. They're important bits to the plot but damn. ;)

I'll definitely pick up another book from McCarthy for days when I need a playful, easy, just for fun read.

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  1. I've read a few things by Erin McCarthy and they were great. I will have to pick this one up.

    1. She's a new to me author. So far I've read this and a couple in her Fast Track series. Really enjoyed them all so far. I just need to try out her paranormal series now!


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