Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tallchief by Dinah McCall (April Random Read)

Ever since the night Morgan Tallchief lost the only woman he would ever love, he has struggled to seal away the past. But now Kathleen Ryder is back in his life--still pursued by the deadly secrets that forced her to flee before. And even though Morgan swears to protect her, he is helpless against his own rekindled passion.

Kathleen has never forgotten the achingly sweet hunger that bound them together years ago. Now, still on the run, all she dares ask is that Morgan keep her safe--never expecting that he has the power to breathe life-giving fire to an ember that has grown cold.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Tallchief wasn't all that high on my to read list when it was picked as my Random Read for April. I'd never read McCall, it's an older book, the cover's kinda cheesy and it landed here pretty randomly but damn what a fantastic surprise it turned out to be! I really enjoyed this book and McCall's writing style, which flows very nicely and pulls you into the story. Tallchief had a wonderful achingly sad-sweet feel to it. There's so much pain and heartache mixed with a once in a lifetime chance at recapturing a love that never ended. It's filled with characters you want desperately to find their happily ever after, that tug at your heart strings and leave you a bit choked up and misty eyed from the emotional turmoil they're going through. It's a very moving read that quickly captures your heart. 

The general plot is that 16 years after Kathleen was killed in a house fire she ends up literally walking back into Morgan's life. Not only has she been in Witness Protection all this time but she has another life altering surprise in store for Morgan, a daughter he never knew he had. While Kathleen and Patricia are finally out of Witness Protection the threat against their lives hasn't ended and their only hope is Morgan's protection. 

There are so many fantastic things about this book but my favorite was Morgan Tallchief. He's a wonderful hero and I liked that so much of the book was from his POV. It was painful to watch Morgan's reality get ripped apart when Kathleen shows up and tells him the truth about what happened so many years ago. The fear, joy, anger, confusion he goes through are breathtaking. Getting to see Morgan and his daughter was also wonderful. The awe he felt getting to see her and knowing she was his. The pain of missing out on so many moments with her while she grew up. Yeah, definitely a tear-jerker. He also kicks some major ass at the end. Kathleen is a pretty tough woman and really likable as well. She's been through hell and will do anything to protect her child. I loved that while raising their daughter she told her all about Morgan and his family and how wonderful he was. The teenage daughter, Patricia, was also nicely done. Her frustration, worry over being accepted by her father and her fear all expressed without taking on a whiny feel. My only complaint was that Kathleen wasn't all that understanding of Morgan and how he would handle them showing up in his life. His emotions were completely justifiable and I thought she was a bit out of line getting upset with him for being angry over the whole situation. 

I'll definitely be giving Dinah McCall another read. She did an amazing job creating characters you could really care about and making you really feel the emotions and turmoil they felt. The action/suspense was decent and the conclusion very sweet. 

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