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Excerpt: Released (the Shapeshifters' Library) by Amber Polo + giveaway

Love dogs? Love books? Love libraries? Hate Book-burning werewolves?

Once long ago the Shipsfeather Academy was a training ground for an ancient race of dog-shifters whose mission was to protect the world’s knowledge. A powerful curse sealed these librarians in the basement of their building and gave the control of the town to a pack of book-burning werewolves. 

Librarian Liberty Cutter watches in horror as the town’s public library goes up in flames and plans to re-establish the library in the abandoned Shipsfeather Academy building. Chronus, the Old English Sheepdog headmaster of the academy and leader of the dog-shifters, knows he must make some changes to continue to keep his pack safe. But even if he could persuade Liberty to believe in a talking sheepdog, how far can she be trusted? And will she ever be able to care for him as a man. He has to try, because Liberty Cutter and her staff of zany librarians may hold the key to the dog-shifters’ freedom…and the future of the town.

Genre: Light Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Heat: Sweet
Length: 266 pages
Publisher: Blue Merle Publishing

The dog-shifters world

“Shapeshifting?” she coughed.

“Founded by families from all over the world to establish a school where their children could explore their animal sides.”

“Families? Do you mean this, um, condition … is a hereditary problem?”

“It’s hereditary, but not a problem. Our families do go back thousands of years. Many people experience ancient connections to the animal world. Shifters carry that connection to the physical level.”

“When you say shifters? Are you talking …werewolves?” She shuddered, remembering all those frightening movies she’d seen and wondering if this dog would spring across her desk and grasp her jugular.

“We have much in common with werewolf packs.”

“But werewolves are vicious blood thirsty beasts.”

“You’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies. True werewolves are humans who shift into wolf bodies. Some are good and some not, like people.”

“Werewolves aren’t all bad?”

“Hardly. In some folklore traditions, what some call werewolf stories, there are good were-creatures. My family has a spotless reputation.”

“You’re a dog, not a wolf.”

“Dogs and wolves descend from common ancestors. Some years ago my school was cursed by bad wolf-shifters who wanted to take over this town.”

“Curses are magic.” She flinched. “Do I know any of these werewolves?”

“Elsie Dustbunnie is a werewolf.”

Liberty’s eyes widened. “I knew it.”

He chuckled. “Werewolves can be really mean. Mix that with a mean librarian and you have seriously nasty. Since Shipsfeather’s location is ideal for clandestine training expeditions, our werewolf enemies wanted to take over the school and the town to train wolf-shifters. Their ambition escalated a feud that’s been going on for centuries. We fought back. They retaliated, cursed the building, and closed us in.”

“You were in charge?”

“I was Headmaster. Besides the school, we built an excellent research facility. We trained librarians—”

“That’s incredible.” Liberty tried to imagine a library school for werewolves or puppies, but failed.

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Where to find Amber Polo

A love of books drew Amber Polo into a career as a librarian. A greater love turned her into a writer.The Shapeshifters’ Library series is an urban fantasy filled with books, librarians and dogs and a library everyone will love.The mystical side of Sedona, AZ became the paranormal setting for her first novelRomancing Rebecca. One day a plane flew past her office window and she turned her pen to her own airpark backyard and Flying Free was the result. In addition to her two novels and short romantic fiction, she is proud of her self-produced , Relaxation One Breath at a Time a CD that uses her voice to teach relaxation to calm your body and mind and/or help you fall asleep.Relaxing the Writer: Guidebook to the Writer’s High offers hundreds of tips to help writers and readers relax. ample her writing and see why Midwest Book Review called her work “quirky” and “profound” (is that After living in seven states, she happily calls a small town in Arizona home.

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  1. Enjoy the excerpt Blitz. I hope when you finish reading you'll wonder if you dog is a shifter.

    1. Thanks for having us Amber. It sounds like such a fun read. I'm looking forward to it :)

  2. I so want to read this! It sounds amazing and fun. And book-burning werewolves made me giggle. LOL. I don't believe I have ever seen a dog shifter book yet. How refreshing. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

    1. I know, right? That so had me giggling too! Good luck Sue :)


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