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A Man to Trust by Cheryl Yeko

The battered survivor of an abusive marriage, Angela doesn't mourn her husband’s death in a drug deal gone bad. But she’s not sure she can survive losing her heart to the handsome detective who assumes she’s a criminal, too.Tasked with Angela’s safety after she’s targeted by an unknown enemy, Jake discovers the beautiful widow is not what she seems. He soon realizes that trusting her goes hand-in-hand with desiring her, and passion and duty collide.Now it’s up to Jake to keep Angela—and their chance at happiness—alive.

Type: Romantic Suspense
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Ahhh I liked this one. It was my first time reading Yeko and she kept me very entertained, turning the pages and ignoring the housework much longer than I should have.

A Man to Trust was the perfect combination of an exciting suspense and a steamy romance as Jake tries to keep Angela safe from those out to stop her testimony in a drug case. One of the things I really liked was that the story starts somewhat in the middle of things with the big event that sparked the story already having happened and the two having encountered each other months earlier because of it.  It was a different start to a story but never felt confusing and really just worked.

The attraction and chemistry between Jake and Angela was fantastic and the sex scenes were pretty delicious. I love when you can really feel the energy zinging between two characters and that happened quite often between these two.

As much as I liked them as a couple, though, I really enjoyed all of the things standing in their way. There's some definite drama going on since, you know, he thinks she's a prime suspect in her husband's drug business and she's hiding certain things about her past from him. It was fun watching them each deal with that aspect of the relationship versus their undeniable attractions and seeing how they'd react to certain things that came up.

Even with an"oh my god you ASS!" moment on his part and a slightly "too stupid to live" one on Angela's these two were just great characters and had me on their sides the whole time. I loved all of their interactions from the sweet and sexy to the tension filled ones that popped up because of his suspicions about her to the heartbreaking ones as Angela confides in him about her past. They're just likable characters that fit well together and you want to see happy.

Overall, I really had a good time with A Man to Trust. The writing flowed easily and so many of the characters won me over. I really liked that even though there was an ongoing danger the romance between Jake and Angela played a very prominent part that I thought felt natural. Things did get a little too "perfect" for me in the happily ever after department towards the very end but even with that I'm very excited about trying out another of Yeko's books in the future.  

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Cheryl Yeko lives in Wisconsin with her husband Patrick. She loves to read, write, play piano and spend time with her grandchildren.

Although she has spent most of her professional life as a legal assistant, she can also include realtor, small business owner, and virtual assistant/mobile notary to her varied background. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America as well as the Wisconsin Chapter.

Cheryl is thrilled to be able to add author to her resume and would love to hear comments from readers.
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  1. Hi really make me want to read this one. Stories about battered women are so hard to read, but this one, with her reluctant protector sounds intriguing. Thanks! Will be looking for this one.

    1. Goodness. Aren't they? Angela was a seriously tough cookie. Really liked that about her :) I love a heroine that can go through hell and really overcome it.

      Happy reading Pat and thanks for coming by!


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