Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April is gonna be a weird month on herding cats!

Alright dearlings. Just wanted to give you a heads up about April and what's going to be going on on the blog.

I joined an challenge called Blogging from A to Z . It starts April first and each day of the week, Monday through Saturday, I'll be blogging about that day's letter of the alphabet along with 1000+ other bloggers.

Topics will be all over the place and kinda random. Last year I blogged about everything from evil cupcakes to turtle penises. So it'll be... interesting :) I've got a yummy kilt post planned and have been doing some very inappropriate things with Peeps for the P post. ::snort:: It's. Awesome. Yall will get to know me a little better this next month. Might be a good thing. Hopefully won't scare yall away. lol

There will hopefully be a number of new faces visiting the blog for the challenge but I wanted to let all of you know ahead of time you are more than welcome to drop by those posts and comment too. I'll still be doing reviews, giveaways, cooking and kitteh posts during the months. Some will link up with the A to Z challenge posts and others won't so it'll be a busy month.

If you're doing the challenge let me know! I'd love to come by your blog and support you through the month too! So leave those links!

And off to pick my next read. Hope yall are having a fabulous week and are reading something delicious!

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