Saturday, April 6, 2013

A to Z: Facebook games...are the devil.

Gah. They just are. And I Can't. Stay. Away. 

So, I got sucked into Candy Crush. Have you seen this one? 

Sweet Mary. It's just evil. Pure addictive glorious concentrated evil.

If you haven't played you basically have to match up colored cubes and complete whatever task it assigns you. Like reaching a certain score, or getting all the little fruit pieces to the bottom in x number of moves. 

It's ridiculous. And so utterly pointless.

And a little creepy because there's this really pervy guy who says things like "sugar crush" and "sweet" in this, well, pervy old man voice whenever you get a certain combo. 

And yet. You cant stop. Whoever thought up this torture device was just sheer evil genius.

And yes. When you finally get past one of these blasted levels that's held you up for 8 freaking days you want to jump around feeling all cocky and squealing things like "In your face you pervy bastard!" 

Until you get to the next level and they add time bombs into the mix. 

Really now? *eye twitch*

So, have you been sucked into Candy Crush hell? What's your Facebook game guilty "pleasure"? 

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