Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fool's Gold Cookbook by Susan Mallery *pick of the litter*

Fool's Gold is known as the Land of Happy Endings, but it's also the land of hearty appetites. Throughout the series, the residents of Fool's Gold have found joy, comfort and good times through food. Now two local Fool's Gold chefs will also find love through food! Join them as they flirt, fight and fall in love, one season at a time.

You'll also find favorite recipes from popular characters in the series.

With chapters for summer, spring, fall and winter, you can find the perfect recipe for everything from holiday get-togethers to cozy date nights, always using the freshest ingredients. And the heartwarming love story that is woven throughout is Susan Mallery at her finest.

The more than 150 recipes and dozens of gorgeous photographs in this book will inspire you to find perfection in the simple and the seasonal. And with all of Fool's Gold with you in the kitchen, your every celebration will have a happy ending!

Type: Contemporary Romance Novella & a cookbook!
Heat: 1 out of 5
Rating: 5 out of 5

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Seriously I cannot stop smiling. Mallery was absolutely genius in putting The Fool's Gold Cookbook together. I wasn't sure how it was all going to work with the whole cookbook/romance combo but it was utterly and deliciously perfect.

I couldn't resist flipping through the recipes first. And ended up marking more than 30 of them *must try soon* lol. Every recipe sounds delicious and simple and there are gorgeous photos mixed throughout which is always a plus--I do wish there'd been just a few more but that's a minor complaint. 

Then it was on to the novella which is broken down into sections and mixed in with the recipes as well. And it was just lovely. You get to actually see Ana Raquel and Greg putting the cookbook together. It made it so special getting to see them coming back together--they grew up driving each other crazy--picking recipes, spending time together. I just loved it and that the recipes they talk about and eat are right there in the cookbook for you to try.

Mallery had me barking out a laugh one minute and amazingly had tears trickling down my cheeks more than once as Ana Raquel and Greg found love and brought their dream to life. I'm a total foodie and have tons of cookbooks but this one I think is going to be my all time favorite because of the emotional connection it so easily created with the funny and sweet romance. Definitely recommend picking up a copy. And now I'm off to do some cooking.

Oh and this will be a Tasty Delights in the near future...

Have you read Susan Mallery? 
What did you think?
Ever read a cookbook/romance combo?

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