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Interview w/ Jess Dee--aussie treats, favorite naughty words and man candy!

He rocks every woman’s world, but his heart beats only for her.

Makeup artist Eve Andrews is an expert at blending into the background. Landing a job with the rock band Speed is the opportunity of a lifetime, and thankfully as close to the spotlight as she’ll ever get again—until the band’s sinfully sexy drummer turns his dazzling eyes on her.

After a scandal shook his world, Zachary Pace, a.k.a. “Jonah Speed”, has given up the one-night stands and easy lays. One look at Eve, and he senses his self-imposed abstinence is about to come to a screeching halt—but he’s confused. His grandmother foretold his destiny lies with a beautiful redhead, not a tiny, brown-haired pixie.

Under the heat of Zachary’s intense focus, Eve’s resistance melts away, but not the façade that hides her terrible secret. And when she accidentally catches a glimpse of his heart’s desire—his fated redhead—her instincts tell her to let him go…before he gets too close. Before he sees the real woman behind her mask, and her heart is left in the dust of his almost-certain retreat.

Warning: This is a Speed book, so you know there’s gonna be a small element of fantasy to it. And a big element of romance. Oh, yeah, and whole lot of sex. Sex hot enough to make you throb to the rhythm of a very sensual beat…

Jess! Welcome to herding cats & burning soup! Can you believe how chilly it is today?
Hi Anna, and thanks for having me over. Actually, Down Under it’s getting pretty darn warm. (Yay, Spring is here, finally)

LOL we're just hitting fall here so I've got warm cookies, hot tea and Nutella hot chocolate whipped up if you'd like to grab a cup then I want to hear all about your new release Rhythm of My Heart.
Doesn’t matter how warm it is here, that sounds amazingly delicious! *Settles in*That’s works beautifully for me, coz I love talking about the book.
So Zachary (love that name by the way) is a drummer. Yum. How'd he and Eve wind up together? Could you tell me just a little about their story?
Zachary Pace, AKA Jonah Speed, is part of the international rock band sensation, Speed, who have just begun their world tour. First stop: Australia.Aussie make-up artist, Eve Andrews, has joined the tour by invitation of Speed’s two back-up singers, who’ve heard brilliant things about her abilities with blush and mascara. 
When Zachary sees Eve backstage, the sparks that fly between them are enough to set the stage on fire.
Ooo nice. Can you tell us 3 fun behind the scenes facts about Rhythm of my Heart and/or the Speed series? Think Pop-Up video style.
1. Rock band Speed is made up of three brothers: Oldest brother, Jamie Speed, known for his vocals; middle brother, Jonah, who can play any instrument put in his hands but drums are his passion; and baby brother, Jordan, who has eyes only for his guitar and Speed’s band manager, Luke Struthers. 
2. Jonah Speed hates the paparazzi—and he has good reason. (But don’t ask him why. Thinking about it still makes his blood boil.) 
3. One kiss from Jonah Speed turns Eve into the number one attraction on every news reporter’s list. But this isn’t the first time she’s been stalked by the paparazzi…
Hmm now that's got me curious. Can't wait to hear more about that! So, say you got to spend 24 hours with any of the characters from the series doing anything you wanted. Who would you pick and what would yall do with so many hours on our hands?
You want me to pick one character? Just one? Seriously, have you met the men from this series? I can’t pick one. I want them all! 
Okay, my first choice would probably be band manager, Luke Struthers. (Hero of book 2, Colors Of Love.) This is a man you want to meet.  
Gorgeous, Alpha all the way down to his toes, and capable of propelling three brothers into super-stardom.  
What would I do with him? Hmm, aside from insisting he introduce me to Jordan Speed (AKA Seth Pace), I’d ask him to show me a few basic Kung Fu moves. Possibly teach me to spar or learn self defense. I’d also love to be a passive observer as he practices his patterns and routines.  (Damn, he looks hot when he does Kung Fu!) 
And then I’d sit him down and ask him about his past. Problem is, he keeps that past buried so deep inside, I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to coax any answers out of him. (But I am more than willing to try.)
Oh man, from the sounds of it I'd be more than willing to try too. Sounds yummy! Rockstars, well, they seem like a bit of a handful. lol Did Zachary cooperate with ya or did he pretty much have his own thing going and know what he wanted?
Zachary cooperate? Er, hell no. 
He refused to talk to me - for a year!  
I was all geared up and ready to write his story as soon as I’d completed Colors Of Love, and this guy just wouldn’t let me in. (I blame the paparazzi for that. They taught him to keep his distance from anyone who might write about him.) He kept his mouth shut so tight I almost gave up on him. 
Almost. And then one day he just opened up and let it all out.  
And I was as surprised by his story as he was. Especially because it didn’t seem to go at all the way he’d planned.
Well glad he finally let you in! So, the series is rather, um, steamy? Do your friends and family read your books? If so does it totally weird you out?
My family is not allowed to touch my books. Not now, not ever. Period! 
Same rule applied to my friends. In fact, no one even knew my pen name for years. Then one friend calmly told me she’d not only discovered my pen name, she’d read a few of my books. 
I was horrified. And mortified. I feared she’d never look at me in the same way again. But interestingly enough, she did. She still considered me the same friend I’d always been. And that experience taught me to let other friends read my books.  
But I confess. I’m still cagey about which books I’ll let them read. Those new to erotic romance are only allowed access to Ask Adam and Photo Opportunity, because as erotic romance goes, those are a little less steamy than my others. As for my ménages…er, no. Just no. My friends are never, ever allowed access to those!
LOL I don't let my mom read any of my books. I can't even imagine if I'd written them! Okay, just a couple silly ones before you head out...

Favorite "omg I can't believe I just wrote that" scene? You know, that one that totally made you blush?
Honestly, every time I write a love scene I blush scarlet. And when I reread those scenes, I cannot believe I wrote them. Because seriously, I’m a good girl, and good girls don’t write what I write.  
(But there’s a scene in the kitchen in Full House, a MMF ménage, that leaves me speechless and sweating every time I reread it.)
Favorite Aussie treat?
I know you think I’m gonna say Tim Tams, but the truth is my answer is yoghurt. Fruit shops here in Sydney sell the most decadently delicious yoghurt you will ever taste! 
And a close second – cappuccino and banana bread.
Favorite crayon?
Is it terrible to admit I hate crayons? Never use them, and never encouraged my kids to use them. I’m more of a pencil crayon and texta girl. (American translation: texta = marker)
Favorite "naughty" word?
I’m going to blush saying this, but my absolutely favorite naughty word is…Cunt. 
OMG! Admit, it’s dirty. Filthy. And so, so, so expressive. I wrote at least fifteen books before I used that word for the first time.
Strangest thing you can see from where you're sitting?
My bouquet of red roses from hubby for Valentine’s day about five years ago. They’re actually chocolate roses, wrapped in red foil, with plastic stalks and are probably toxic by now they’re so old. But they live in my office, beside my computer, and I suspect they’ll be there still in five years time. *aws that's kinda cute*
Favorite Man Candy?
My all time favorite man candy treat: Eric!

(Go on, admit it. You’d give him your hand…)
LOL, well he does look rather sexy with a book in his hand. I'll totally give ya that. It was so nice chatting with you Jess. Thanks for stopping by!
Thank you so much for having me!


Have yall read Jess Dee? Have any question for her?
Feel free to leave her some comment love!

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