Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quote-tastic (38)-- something about it!

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Soo today...Jaci Burton. I'm reading this one tonight and loving it. These two are just cracking me up. They've got some history that...didn't end so well and Drew, he's working hard at getting another chance with Carolina and it's just fun to watch. The man is infuriatingly charming and is so one you just can't say no to.

Anyways. In this scene she's measuring him because he's going to be one of her models in the runway show she's doing and it just made me chuckle. I love that he flusters her. And is just unrepentant about it.
She laid the tape down at his feet, lifting it slowly upward, conscious that the bulge hadn't dissipated. In fact it had grown larger. And when she reached his inseam, once again brushing her knuckles against him--against it--she shot him a glare.

He gave her a smirk. "What? You want me to apologize for getting hard? You're touching my dick."

"In a purely non personal way."

"Honey, any time you touch me it's going to be personal."

She whipped the tape measure away, finished the last of her notes, and took a step back.
"We're finished."

"That took awhile. Were you nervous?"

"Of course not."

He crossed his arms and grinned at her. "You sure about that? I'm pretty sure your hands were shaking."

How nice of him to notice. She glared at his penis. "Is that ever going to go down? It's hard to have a discussion with you when you' that."

He laughed. "Yeah. It'll go down. Eventually. But seeing you all flustered, your cheeks pink and your nipples beading against your sweater, isn't helping."

She crossed her arms. "Damn you. This is all your fault."

"How could it be my fault? You said undress. I undressed. You said hold still. I held still."

"I did not tell you to get an erection. So do something about it."

"Okay, fine."

He took two steps toward her and pulled her into his arms. She opened her mouth to object, but his lips covered hers, his tongue sliding inside to tangle with hers...

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