Friday, January 31, 2014

The Monthly Herd--What happened in January!

Thinking of doing a monthly recap post with different happenings on the blog and such. Would that be something yall would like? Or a weekly recap maybe to catch posts you might have missed? If not no worries. Just thought I'd give it a go. 

And with that...January 2014. 

Big month! Turned 2 years old (still picking winners--yall keep an eye out on emails please!).

Reviewed way more books than I thought coming in at 21 of them. Had a few interviews and guest posts. 

Started up a  listing of Author Book Signings & Book Events--If you have one you'd like added let me know! 

Did a little remodeling on the blog and gadgets. 

Yep. Big months. Check out all the goodies below...

And up next in Feb we're kicking it off with a blog hop. Then lots of reviews/ guest spots/ a couple interviews and, well, no clue what else. Guess we'll see :) 

Do you do a monthly or weekly recap? 
Is it something you'd like to see here to help keep up with things?

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