Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bwahaha just....a random post.

LOL So ignore this one if you'd like :) I've got a broken feed and just trying to get it sorted and see if it's up and going again and will deliver this to email subscribers like it should.

So. How goes it there? It's been the week here. Lots of bloggy stuff, designed a couple websites for authors, installed that niffty drop down menu on the blog. You should totally check that out. It made me squee like a girl.

Herd babes are doing well. Mo lost his upper fangs a while back and has been gumming me--he's a nibbler and well down 2 fangs he's a gummer now. LOL

Oh and I totally want this.

Okay. Guess that's enough to attempt this darn feed.

Oh and if you missed yesterday's post there are a couple mini reviews HERE.


So, what are yall up to? Anything exciting?
Any good reads this week? How're the herds?

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