Friday, February 28, 2014

The Monthly Herd: February Recap

Happy March!! Can you believe it's here already? Crazy. 

February was an interesting one and way busier than I thought especially with the slow start to the month.

We had 19 reviews, 4 interviews and a guest post plus all kinds of other awesome meme goodness. 

I was interviewed by Kelsey Browning over on her blog. Woot!

Had a bit of a blip with an author behaving badly. Not so Woot! 
But it was my first in 2+ years so not bad!

Started up a blog hop site called... The Herd Hops  ::snort:: 
Our first hop is March 21st for yall interested.
We'll host a hop each month so if interested hop over.

Hmm. I think maybe that's it for Feb. Oh. Bwhaa. I've been playing around with graphics this month too and totally learned how to back glow things. I'm ridiculously giddy over that. Check it out!

Girly. Effing. Squee. I was so excited about that. Whew! Alright on to the happenings post wise...

Reviews up on the blog... 19 total. Not bad. 
Some were awesome. Some...not so much. One was great but I'd never recommend.
So a mixed bag but overall excellent month. And all over the board from erotic to NA to oh so sweet and innocent :)

Cat Thursday
Click images for those posts :)


And I joined in onTuesday Jams...

Had some quote-tastic-y goodness

And cooked a little too.


Oh and for Authors/Publishers!

I'm now offering advertisement space on the blog. 
If you're interested please fill out this FORM.

For everyone else...this won't change anything about the posts/reviews/etc
that are posted daily.
This is over on the right side columns ---->
If you look over there there are a couple spots now reserved for ads. 
This is just to help offset some of the blog costs which are well
in the hundreds at this point from prizes/shipping/web costs/etc.

Alright. Well. That's it for February. Was quite the month! 
How was yall's Feb? Anything exciting happen?
Did you have a favorite post of yours? Or mine?
Have a theme for one of the memes you'd like to see?
Talk at me!

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