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Guest Post w/ CP Foster---Underground! + giveaway!

Welcome to the Underground!

The erotica authors of the Absolute Write are taking you underground—sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. Karenna Colcroft’s haunting story gives sex in public an unexpected twist, and Erin Lark makes waiting out a storm into something special—and hot!— before Kate Lowell draws you deep into a cave for a steamy encounter. Lauren Gallagher sends you back to the 1930s for some gambling, bootlegging, and a little forbidden ménage, while Maryn Blackburn brings two enemies together in the wintery depths of World War II.

If you’re in the mood for something extra spicy, you’ll love how C.P. Foster opens up a very new world for a curious barmaid. And stick around because Cleo Peitsche and Jack L. Pyke keep the kink coming.

Come join us—but fair warning. Once you go underground, you may never want to come back…

All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Absolute Write online community.

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When the call went out for the Underground anthology, I knew I wanted to submit something. We had plenty of leeway as to what "underground" meant for our stories, so I started brainstorming possibilities like police doing undercover work, a criminal underground, tunnels, caves, etc., but nothing got me tingly. (Tingles are an absolute must for me when writing erotica. If the idea doesn't turn me on, I just can't write it.)

There was, however, a fantasy that had been heating me up for a while. Most of my stories start that way—a scene or image that cranks my engine will inspire me to flesh out characters and come up with a plot. This was just a wee snip of an idea about a group of Regency era gentlemen who asked the most successful rake in their company to teach them how to please women. An assistant was needed, of course, in order to demonstrate the techniques. A certain sassy barmaid was happy to oblige. All I had to do was throw in a little (very little) plot, and I'd have a story.

But what did this have to do with underground? I was about to set the idea aside when I came up with a Brilliant Solution: have the lessons take place in the basement of a somewhat disreputable tavern. Basement. Underground. Duh. It felt a bit like cheating, but what the hell, right? The result was Lord Lucien's lessons. And I had a delicious time writing it.
                                                                               ~CP Foster

"I think you should take those clothes off," he said. "They'll just be in the way."

Cora hopped down to get out of her dress, petticoats, chemise, stockings, and boots. When she climbed back onto the table, Lucien arranged her so her knees hooked over the edge and her lower legs dangled. She didn't have to be asked to open them wide. The gentlemen gathered around so they could get a better look at her cunt.

Lucien nudged her thigh. "Would you mind if Huntington shows us what he learned last week?"

"Not a bit." She giggled.

Huntington gave her a lazy grin, and moved closer. He stroked her slit with two fingers, and she shivered at the burst of pleasure.

"She's already wet," he announced, sliding his fingers inside. Her hips rose toward him as he thrust slowly in and out. One of his eyebrows quirked. "I feel her squeezing me. Is that good?"

Lucien chuckled. "Yes. Move up to her clitoris, now."

He did as he was told, and his gentle massage made her head swim.

"Sweet Jesus!" she gasped.

"Hmm..." Lucien eyed her thoughtfully. "I do believe she might spend. Go a little faster, and let's find out."

Cora whimpered and bit her lip as the pleasure built. "A little firmer..." she gasped. "Now stroke in circles. Faster. Yes, just like that, don't stop—"

She cried out, and her hips bucked as she erupted into orgasm.

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