Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z--NCIS

Herding Cats vs The A to Z Challenge!
This is my third year joining in on blogging the Alphabet in April!

2014 Theme: "Gasp, Sigh, Gigglesnort w/ a side of Yum"

N: NCIS (Gasp & Sigh)

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Really now. Do I need to explain this one?
Leroy. Jethro. Gibbs.



I...really don't care that he's old enough to be my daddy. Nope. Not at all.
Total *swoon*

I'll admit Ziva wasn't my favorite for a long while but damn there were some funny scenes.

One of my all time favorite Quotes...
TONY: Kind of ironic.  
MANN: What’s that?  
TONY: You’ve got a hair salon and you’re bald.  
MANN: I’m not bald.  
TONY: You’re taller than your hair.
I so gigglesnorted over that. No matter how many times I see it. Love it.

Aws. It's just such a good group.

So! Are you an NCIS watcher? Have a favorite episode?
Love Gibbs??

My favorite episode is SWAK.
Solely because...nekkid Gibbs all soaped up in the shower.

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