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Interview w/ Felice Fox--man candies, chocolate & kinkified cowboys.

After boot-stomping all night with every last Cameron man on the ranch, Holly can't wait to get her honeymoon started with her new husband, Gavin. He's her dream come true--smart, rugged and kinky as hell, but the very best part is marrying into his big family; a close-knit, loving clan who take care of each other. She'd never had that. Ever. "Do you take this man...?" was the easiest question Holly ever had to answer.

But when Gavin poses a new, unthinkable question on their wedding night, Holly must choose between the idealized happily-ever-after she'd always dreamed of and something much more than she ever knew she wanted-- or needed. Yet her happiness isn't the only thing put at risk by the unconventional arrangement she finds herself in, and when everything Gavin treasures is threatened, Holly must decide if she can give up the family she'd always wanted for the family that wants her... in every possible way.

Warning: This story may make you squirm like a little roped calf. It is a grit-your-teeth hot romance intended for an adult audience which includes questionable consent and issues of polyamory/open relationships.

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Morning Felice! Welcome to Herding Cats & Burning Soup! We're finally having a gorgeous day here so thought ice tea and lemonade out on the deck would be nice while we chat about Hold Me Together. So come on back. 
Good morning and thank you so much for having me here on this fine day!
Alright, if you only had an elevator ride to hook someone what would you tell them about Holly, Gavin and their kinked out story?
Holly’s wedding night turns inside out when her rancher husband confesses he wants to share her with his sexy-as-sin brothers. Gavin says it’s about love, but Holly knows there’s no way it can work and sets out to prove it to him, one smokin’ hot  Cameron cowboy at a time. There’s some pretty bad behavior going on in this story at times, but it’s a challenge to the usual thinking on love and eroticism. 
It sure was but gotta say I enjoyed it quite a bit! Can you tell us 3 fun and/or sexy behind the scenes facts about Hold Me Together? Think Pop-Up Video.

  • Holly learns her CBT “roping” skills from a dominatrix on YouTube, but I took an actual class, complete with live demonstration! Hey, it was research (and research is  hard…). *I LOVED that scene!*
  • Gavin’s brother Luke is named for one of my favorite country singers, Luke Bryan.
  • My BFF has casually mentioned the powdered sugar scene more than a few times. Funny what you discover about your friends (or rather your friend’s kinks) when you write erotic romance!
LOL I'm sure! Hold Me Together was just gloriously kinky. What was the most lip-biting-threat-to-panties-everywhere moment with these guys that just had you sighing in girly bliss?
I love your questions! I’m a little afraid to admit this, but as the story progresses, I feel more nervous for Holly whenever Abel is around, and by the time I reach the scene with them together? Lip is bitten, panties disintegrated.
OMG well I'm joining you in that. Abel totally had me nervous but I loved his character and his...kinks. So, what was your favorite thing about each of the characters that just had you falling for them?

I love the overall openness the men have to sex—like it’s a given, anything goes and no one has to feel used or objectified. And they’re not afraid to love Holly either; all expectations, hopes and dreams are on the table.
I really enjoyed that too Felice. Alright how about a couple quickies...

Favorite Man Candy? Pictures are welcome! 
I would pretty much give this man whatever he wanted. Eric Church. Sigh… *Oh sweet Mary. Felice I would too.*

Favorite "couldn't live without it" snack?
Oh, gosh, that question just made my mouth water! Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel.
Strangest thing you've Google searched in the name of book research?
Non-piercing nipple clamps comes to mind!
I'm completely freaked out by?
Wet floors.
Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
You mean besides move to a ranch in Montana to be worshiped and sexed up by a bunch of hot cowboys?
 Yeah, yeah I gotta give you that one. Whew! Before you head out what's up next for you?
I’m currently working on Dark Lashes, the next in the Cameron Ranch series (I just need more time with Abel!) and I have an erotic romance coming out in the Brought To His Knees box set with several Ellora’s Cave authors.
Oh nice! I can't wait to see what's in store for the Cameron family! Thanks so much for dropping by Felice! 
You’re very welcome and thank you so much for having me at Herding Cats & Burning Soup!

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"Fox writes some sexy as hell cowboys. No question! They're a danger to panties everywhere." ~herding cats & burning soup

So...what's better than one cowboy with a nice big cock? Well...6 of course! Yep. Hold Me Together is a scorcher of a novella that's lightly kinkified and filled with a herd of cowboys and their randy cocks as Holly and Gavin's first night as a married couple turns out to be a lot more, erm, crowded than she expected...you know...when his brothers all join them. Yep. It's not for everyone but if you're looking for a hot little read and enjoy rather unconventional relationships that might push some sexual and consent boundaries it's a good time.

This is a quick read but it's fun and steamy and gloriously naughty. It's pretty much Holly adjusting to the bomb Gavin--in a gloriously blunt way that'll make you shake your head at him--dropped on her and her opening up to what she'd secretly been wanting as well--to be with his brothers too.

What I loved most was that each of the men were very much their own person. They were easy to tell apart and though you don't get to spend too much time with any particular person other than Holly you do get a nice glimpse of each of the men, what makes them tick and some delicious steamy moments with each of them be they the shy and sweet type, a little frightening and dark in their desires, have a penchant for spankings or diving right in and enjoying a little kitty. Fox writes some sexy as hell cowboys. No question! They're a danger to panties everywhere. *nods*

There's some family drama, lots of nekkid fun, some ranching life and a little bit of growth happening. I would have liked to see the relationships a bit more fleshed out and, okay, I'll admit it...some more nekkid on page time. There was definitely a good bit of sex but I so could have used a little more with each of the brothers instead of some of the times things getting started then being closed door action--yes, I'm a total pervy girl. I wanted the nekkid time front and center...the whole time. lol. But it was still a fun little escape into an interesting family that may seem fairly screwy to some but worked for them. For the most part. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next with these men and their interesting tastes.

Do you have a favorite unconventional romance?
Favorite cowboys or menage?

Feel free to leave Felice some comment love!

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