Thursday, June 5, 2014

Photo-a-Day Challenge June 10-30th!

So. I was totally going to join in on a Photo-a-Day challenge another blogger was doing. And getting all excited about it. New blogs to meet, a fun daily goal to be part of that was easy and would help me learn Instagram. Woot!

Linked up to the blog, made my post here. And then got this email...

"I was looking through some other posts on your blog and some of the content is incompatible to my faith and blog style. You are more than welcome to link up your challenge Instagram photos but if you could please refrain from linking to your blog."

Hermf. Okay. So not doing that challenge but figured...I'd do my own! Anyone interested in joining in just let me know! It's going to be just 20 days. June 10th-30th. You can post your photos however you want. On your actual blog in individual posts, on Instagram, on FB, on Twitter, Tumblr etc. Just as long as you took the photos. There's a linky down below if you want to link them in. Again, however you want. Daily, weekly, at the end of the challenge. Totally flexible.

And dude. You can be as naughty or nice as you want with them. Just as long as they're okay for whatever social media you're posting them to. I'm good with whatever. The topics for the daily photos will be below. I'll have those up in just a few minutes. Anyways. Hope you'll join in :) 
Aaaaannnd for the prompts. Each day these are your topics. You can do them however you want. 
Go naughty, go nice, random or some kind of theme.
Totally flexible.

[Are you a blogger? Leave your link so I can visit you too! ~Anna]

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