Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm disappearing for a little while...

Hey guys--Just wanted to fill you in on what's going on on my side of things right now.
I'm going to be pretty quiet the next week or so. Things will still be going live on the blog and I hope you'll check them out and leave the authors some love...I just won't be around much myself.
I lost a herd babe very suddenly last week then yesterday had to rush two more to the emergency vet. We're not sure what's going on with them but it's connected and spreading through the herd.
About 1/2 the herd is showing signs of early to severe liver failure. 
The others are all doing fine so far just being watched very closely.

We're still not sure what's causing it. Maybe a food contamination but could be a rare-ish infection as well that somehow got brought in.
So life here is a bit of a nightmare trying to get everyone situated, monitored, medicated plus completely disinfecting the house, replacing all food/dishes/litter boxes/etc in hopes whatever it is can be eliminated. 
Just wanted yall to know what's happening and why I'm not returning comments as quickly if at all for the next little bit, or making it to visit other blogs or showing up much on other social media. I'll hopefully be back this next week--or sooner if we can figure this out and get everyone okay--and will visit and return comments as soon as I can. I may pop in here or there in the mean time but if you don't see me all this mess above is why.
****UPDATE--Thanks yall for all of your warm wishes and prayers! It really means so much right now. I'll reply to comments at some point but for now a group update of sorts. I'll try to pop in on FB and leave those now and again as well.

Some good news! One of the herd babes was able to come home just now. Woot! Kelly will be on meds for a spell but his fever is down and he's looking good.

Three are still at the vets. One doing okay just getting fluids and meds and waiting for another blood test this evening but she's doing good just a little yellow. The other two were the original ones from earlier this week that were more severe cases and both girlies--Francie and May--are having a hard go of things. They do a little better...do a little worse. So touch and go. I'm getting ready to go visit them now. 
Every food/treat/catnip/etc is being sent to the state board for testing. We're kind of leaning that way thinking maybe a contaminated bag somehow. We'll hopefully know fairly soon. 

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