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Problems in Paradise (Texas Nights #3) by Kelsey Browning

Eden Durant hasn't always been Eden Durant. She's made a fresh start in Shelbyville, Texas, far from her mother's notoriety. Running the Paradise Garden Café is as much excitement as Eden wants—or it was, until she meets Beck Childress. Although he's the one man who could expose her past, she's willing to open up enough to see if he might be her future.

Chief Deputy Childress is determined to get to know the real Eden, when he isn't busy cleaning up after the sheriff and running in the election to replace him. When several men fall sick after eating in Eden's café, he investigates even as her mysterious past raises both his suspicions and his protective instincts.

As their relationship heats up, so do the pressures of Beck's campaign. When Eden's secrets are revealed, jeopardizing his dream of becoming sheriff, he'll need to choose: serve and protect the town he loves or the woman who makes it home.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Oh how could I have not read Browning sooner! I loved Problems in Paradise. It was such a fun read. Sweet, sassy and rocking some sexy too. My favorite combo of readery goodness as the town's health food fanatic and it's junk food loving Chief Deputy--who have been sniffing around each other--are finally brought together by a case of food poisoning that's plaguing Eden's restaurant. And, well, fireworks abound. It was... excellent!

I really enjoyed both Eden and Beck. Eden who was caring, had a quirky humor about her and was desperately trying to keep her past hidden--for totally understandable reasons. And Beck for all his alpha male sexy tendencies. His easy going humor and soul deep need to protect. They were characters I just liked spending time with and enjoyed seeing how they ticked. It was fun being in their heads. Hearing their little quips and exasperated silent flails and frustrations. And, oh, some naughty thoughts too. There were so many one liners that just had me rolling and gigglesnorting and going omg I am SO going to use that one day! lol
Shit was not a powerful enough word for the pissed-off pumping through Beck's system.

Fuck wasn't even good enough.

This was a complete compound cuss word situation. 
They're both such good people and always wanting to do what's best for others and protecting in their own ways. Beck by keeping the law in the small town and Eden by wanting to get everyone healthy and loving foods that are better for them--that can sometimes annoy me but Eden wasn't a pushy one really so it worked. It also made for some pretty damn funny moments between the two as they headed off over, erm, culinary delights and horrified each other with the things they'd eat.

I loved the connection between them. There's heat for sure. And some very make-you-tingle-heat at that. But there was fun and quirky humor as well. The two have an ongoing redneck vs California girl teasing going on and it was so funny seeing how they'd good naturedly zing each other--redneck fire detectors and whatnot. I really liked that Beck liked Eden for who she was--overalls, health food, secrets and all. The man was just smitten and lordy that did something for me.

"You took it upon yourself to intervene with my landlord?"

"It was a matter of public safety." His face was shadowed in the dim stairwell, but he had his mean face on again. Would he be this intent, this focused when he made love with a woman? Would he look at her like that when he was braced above her, wanting her to open her body to him? By everything that was holy and some things that weren't, she wanted to know.

 I can easily see Browning becoming one of my "comfort read" authors. She has a lovely voice that just touched and got under my skin. The romance was wonderful and sweet. And the growth both Eden and Back went through amazing. Especially Eden who had so many walls built around her. I loved seeing these two finally come together and have someone that was just in their corner. No matter what. While Problems in Paradise was my first from Browning it most definitely will not be the last.

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