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Quote-tastic (63)-- We've Been Meme-Jacked by Lisa Renee Jones!

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Hey guys! We're having a meme-jack today! Lisa Renee Jones is stopping by with a quote from the oh so sexy Mark. I love this guy. Check it out and leave her some comment love :)

Hi, I'm Lisa Renee Jones and I write the Inside Out Series, that is in development for cable TV. I picked this quote because it lets you see a bit into Mark Compton's head. There is so much more Mark coming! I hope you enjoy :)
                                                                    ~Lisa Renee
I advance on her and lift her to the sink, sliding her legs apart and pressing between them. And now it’s my hands going through her hair, tangling in the silky strands. Tilting her head, I force her gaze to mine, bringing her mouth a breath from a kiss I promise myself I won’t claim. “What I need is for you to keep this nightmare away from my parents until I’m back. That’s all.”

Her hand closes around my tie. “I told you I will, and I meant it. Whatever they need, and whatever you need, is my priority.”

What I need is her: to taste her, to feel those lips against mine, and that’s exactly what I do. My mouth closes on hers, my tongue delving deeply, stroking, tasting. Taking. I need. Oh yes, I do, but that need shifts and changes, turns to something darker, and more demanding. Suddenly I’m aroused beyond belief, thick and hard, my cock straining against my zipper, and the burn to be inside her is almost too intense to bear. It’s consuming. It’s dangerous to my vow to stay away from women who don’t live my lifestyle.

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