Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Monthly Herd: July Recap + link up!

Thank God July is over! For yall that have followed the blog you know life was hard this month with most of the herd being very sick. It was pretty devastating. I lost 3 to what we think was contaminated catnip. We're on the mend now thank goodness and the last sick herd babe had an incredible check up today and was pretty much given the all clear. Woot! I took a good amount of time away from the blog to try to get them healthy again and just to recover emotionally. I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that came by or sent emails with prayers and well wishes to the herd babes. I was pretty much a mess and even if I wasn't able to respond to everyone it was so greatly appreciated you have no idea.

We're going into August with a positive outlook and trying to let go of the sadness of July. I'm spending a lot of time with the herd and loving on them which has made things a lot easier :) Though at this point you can seriously hear their sighs when I come in a room because OMG mom you are hovering! lol This is Francie a little bit ago. She's feeling much better :)

I did manage to have a number of things happen on the blog even with me not being here. Thank goodness for having things pre-scheduled! So below is what did manage to get done this month. There's also a link up for those who do recaps if yall'd like to link yours in.   ~Anna

Nothing *too* new this month. I've been tweaking with the blog design a little so menus have change and background images and such. Other than that no new projects or memes or such.

I did have an update on my Bucket List post!
This is just random stuff I want or need to do.
Might not be the typical "bucket list" kinda things but they make me happy and feel good so I call that a win :)

I'll be doing new Rock the Blog, Bucket List, Tag: The Cat Herder and Must Reads lists this month.
I'm excited to get back to all of these things.

Our first Blogger to Author post might go live too :)

Annnd we've got a new hop scheduled for September for those interested in signing up or sharing.
Click the photo to get to the sign up. Hops for the rest of the year will be announced on our other site in the next couple of weeks. 

I'm contemplating a Christmas Recipes Swap and have that in the works. 
Probably will post about that shortly as well. 

I managed 12 reviews this month! Woot! Some really excellent ones and a couple duds. It included 7 new to me authors :)

Meme-Jack by Lisa Renee Jones

Interview w/ Cathryn Fox
Interview w/ VK Sykes
Interview w/ Yasmine Galenorn
Interview w/ Stacy Eaton


the purrrfect 4th of July...


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