Thursday, September 18, 2014

Randomly Random--Tell me SOMETHING...Anything! Yes you. Over there. I wanna hear from you too!

So. I didn't feel like putting up a review today. Or anything serious. I know! Bad blogger! I just wanted a fun silly post for the day. And I want yall to play along! Don't be shy! Your comments do matter! No matter if you visit every day or just lurk. I want to hear from all of you <3 So today...Tell Me Something Random! I don't care what it is. Leave a photo, or a meme, or some great news, or what you're making for dinner. If the herd babes have done something goofy. Or if you're struggling with something and just need to get it off your chest. Just say hello or tell me about a book or author you're loving. Share a story. Anything at all. I wanna here it. See it. And with's a bit of randomness from my files and a story if you will...



Happy Friday dearlings. Let me here from YOU! 
Add some fun in the comments. Would love to see how long this thread can get.
And if it's nearly as long as the Fuck is an awesome word post. 
You can do it!
Be Brave. Have fun. <3

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