Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 2

  1. the amazing women I come from who are strong, compassionate and always there for others.
  2. Donuts. 
  3. my "town". It's really fairly large--well over 100,000 people--but it's still town-ish. Does free concerts downtown, is crazy serious about keeping roads clear in winter (including neighborhood ones), keeping things pretteh and offering lots of opportunities. Also. Everything I need is pretty much in 5 miles of my house. I mean. Everything. 

This may seem little but I think those count too :D 

I have an awesome neighbor who looks out for me.
She sent me a text to be careful because their dog encountered a Copperhead and wanted to make sure I was keeping alert when out in the yard. So a small one but in this day and age I think a big one too. So many people forget to think or talk with their neighbors. 

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