Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 24 & 25--squeals, rare herd babe sightings & calling out some seriously kinky gals (the kinkery)

day 24
  1. My Honda. It was my first ever car and after a lengthy stay at the dealership the last couple months she's home in the driveway and ready to keep plugging on. I kinda love that I still have her even if she isn't the fanciest of girls anymore. We've been through a hell of a lot together.
  2. being able to stay home with the herd every day. I think they like that one too.
  3. the ability to share what I think via the blog. Serious or silly or quirky. It's nice having an outlet for it all and to hear that people enjoy spending time here. It always makes me snort when I get certain comments about the funnies here because really I so don't think I'm funny but hey I'll take it! 

day 25
  1. the authors and publishers who send me pretties in the mail. Especially when they're not expected and turn me into a squealing girl that has to fight the urge to climb the UPS man {see I think it was post 3 and the thankful fors that day} who delivers them and give him some sugar. He's such a verra verra nice man handing them over.
  2. pretty flowers. Even if I'm a horrid flower mom that has caused the deaths of many...many...flurs.
  3. electricity. I may love my historical romances but damn me I would NOT have done well without electricity. ::shudders:: It was cut off yesterday for like 40 minutes while they worked on the line next door and I about went out of my mind. No internet, no light, no fan. Nope. It was horrifying. So yay for electricity.

day 24

I was in bed yesterday getting ready to call it a night and realized the herd babe behind me didn't feel or sound quite right for any of my snugglers. You know how you can end up knowing by sound/feel who a herd babe is? Anyways something was off so I peeked around and realized it was herd boy Piedmont. Who doesn't let me touch him...ever. I've had him for 11 years now and have touched him once...maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. He just doesn't like contact. His first 6 months here he lived in a bathroom drawer and there was just no telling him that wasn't okay. So like seriously shy. 

Anyways so I look over and it's him so I started talking at him and he purred then head butted me. Got up and walked around the bed a bit and kept coming back to lounge on me and give head butts. So I settled down and did my meditation (see down below) and eventually we snoozed off together. He was still snuggled up with me in the morning and we had a early AM visit and pet fest before he decided he was done with attention. Just some of those moments to treasure that are so damn rare.

day 25

Got a really sweet message from someone that made me aw and get the warm fuzzies.

Imma use my kinky folks today. 

So just a little over a year ago another blogger and I started a kink book club on FB called the Kinkery. (if you haven't joined yall are all welcome).

I'm so thankful for the Kinkery. I might have to go all Mistress Anna now and again in there but it's filled with such awesome ladies who come from all walks of life and that in one way or another fell for the kinky/erotic genre and love talking about naughty reads together. The chats in there can be so very very entertaining and I adore everyone who joins in with comments and posts and naughty pictures. Yall are a hoot and I'm so glad we all found each other. And that everyone is so open and welcoming to those just dipping their toes in the genre. Yall ladies (and a couple guys) are fab and do indeed rock some awesome <3

Eh not cardio but working hard and that's gotta be burning...something.
Not sure what the devil this has to do with happiness.
sweat does not equal happy.

I'm still pluggin along. The herd babes like this meditation bit. Mama stays still long enough for them to climb her. They do approve.

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