Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book DEALS! New Releases, 99cent Sales & Freebies!

Woots! Lots of good stuff today. Holy cow the new releases!! Yall check em out and let me know what you grab. I'm still adding freebies to the list but wanted to post it so it would go out with today's subscription. So pop in later today for the full freebies list :) 

Two little notes--1) Don't forget to double check prices! The 99cent and free sales can change very quickly so make sure their price is still 99cents or free. And 2) Any time yall shop via herding cats links you're actually helping the blog. *yay* It doesn't cost you anything but Amazon gives us a couple cents for each purchase and that helps us keep going :) You can actually shop Amazon for anything and it'll help us. Just click this link before you shop and it'll include our blog back info so Amazon knows you came from here :) Blogging can get pricey so it's really appreciated <3

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