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Kitten Confessions w/ Debbie (The Reading Frenzy)--kitchen disasters, naughty cupcakes & readery secrets!

Kitten Confessions! That's right. I'm putting blog followers on the hot seat and getting them to dish all their readery secrets! Bwaha...

Debbie!! Welcome to herding cats! I totally feel like doing that silly bouncing around hugging thing girls do. lol And I...might have whipped up some special treats for your visit today. *whips cover off the tray* Peckercakes! Or, um, cock-cakes? Peni-endowed cupcakes? Hrm. We'll just go with deliciously naughty cupcakes , yeah? lol

(hugs, air kisses)Anna, Hi! Thanks for letting me be a part of this great blog segment. I love your blog and must admit that sometimes I come back during the day to take another look at your man candy YUMMY!! Oh and thanks for the cupcake snacks, I think I’ll take the pink one, so realistic ;) (as she takes a wee bite of a wee weenie)
*selects a delectable morsel of mancake?* Alright jumping right in...can you tell us 3 funny/neat/quirky things about yourself?
hmmm, three things about myself –
  1. I’m a facebook addict I spend waaayyyy too much time there and not just socializing but I’m addicted to some of the games too. :)
  2. I didn’t start reading until 2001 when I quit smoking and decided to give up a bad habit and start a good one.
  3. I don’t really get twitter even though I pretend I do ;-D
Oh my gosh. Me and Twitter too. ::snort:: So, other than faking it through Twitter....what's your biggest baddest reader secret? Are you a spine cracker, or a dog ear-er? *raises eyebrow* A closet monster porn aficionado? A margin scribbler?
Okay, just between us right. I read the last chapter of every book. LOL I can’t help it, I HAVE to know how it ends. This started when my husband was battling cancer and I could not take a sad ending. He’s okay now, whew! And you know what it never takes away from the enjoyment of the rest of the read.
Oh my gosh. Glad the hubs is okay! I can so see wanting to know the endings of books when going through that. And speaking of all of those endings you had a sneak peek at...From everything you've read this year....what 2 books or authors would you totally fan girl over and recommend to everyone?
This is not easy, I read about 20 books/month. I review at least 14 per month for RT Reviews and LibraryJournal.
  1. Alma Katsu’s last of her Taker series The Descent- this was an incredible journey in literature, it’s dark it’s sexy, it’s everything an adult fantasy/fairytale should be and then some. You have to read them in order! (Amazon | Goodreads)
  2. Long Time Gone by Karen White, there’s nothing better than a lowcountry read, some people call it southern fried fiction. I call it fabulous and no one does it better than native Southern Belle Karen White- this one dealt with dysfunctional families and answers that unanswerable question. Can you really go home again? (Amazon | Goodreads)
Okay Alma's series is SO coming home with me! Now, for yall that don't know Debbie is the awesomeness behind The Reading Frenzy! But you've done a lot of other readery things from what I've seen too. What all do you get up to in the readery world?
Thanks Anna it’s been an incredible ride up until now and it can only get better! ;) Well I already let you know that I review for both RT Reviews and LibraryJournal. And if you’re a blog visitor you’ll know that my passion is interviewing and not just authors but all the peeps in literature in the forefront and those behind the book so to speak. I don’t use a standard form for my interviews but take a look at the person I’m interested in and asking the questions I want answered about them.
I’m on the Board of Directors of my local Library District. I run several in-person book clubs. I used to moderate one of the Barnes & Noble on-line book club forums, General Fiction which they unfortunately permanently shut down this year. So I moved it to GoodReads - We Call ourselves the General Fiction ExPats :) We chat about everything booky under the sun, we have group book discussions where the author participates and some, where they don’t. It’s a good way for readers to communicate with other readers. You’d be surprised how many members I have than can’t share their love of reading at home.
I love that you have your fingers in so many readery things. And that's awesome you guys regrouped! Now, you've got something pretty new--and neat--happening on your blog that's got some awesome happening with it too. Could you tell everyone a little about GoneReading and how you've gotten involved with them?
Oh Anna I’m so psyched about this-okay. The Reading Frenzy is proud to be partnering with GoneReading a philanthropic e-commerce site that sells reading accessories; everything from bookmarks to Shakespearean insult bandages. Really look how cool they are:
Their founder Brad Wirz contacted me to request I review some of their products and I was so impressed I not only offered to do that but I will be dedicating one post per month to them and after each and every blog post you will find a GoneReading item that I highlight that day.
Even more fantastic is that they donate 100% after taxes to reading charities- check out the website to find out more about their vision and about the founder Brad Wirz http://gonereading.com/ here’s an article in the Huffington Post about Brad and GoneReading- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kate-schmier/spread-the-magic-of-readi_b_4457128.html
When you’re ready to purchase from the website be sure and use my personal coupon code DEBROCKS10 for a 10% discount off non-sale items.
What a neat program Debbie! I love so many of the things you've featured with it so far.

Alright so how's about a couple quickies before you head out?

What's your hands down favorite Man Candy?!
Well Anna I’m certainly not opposed to the yummy selections you provide so graciously but since I’m in my sixties my man candy might be a wee bit older and tamer than yours and hands down it’s Pierce Brosnan even this, the older version. 
LOL Debbie I can totally get into some older than me man candies. *nods*

Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
Digging-digging-lip balm to prevent cold-sores (you asked)
Best "burning soup" moment? aka cooking disaster
OMG This is perfect I got a recipe for a crock-pot monkey bread
It should have looked like this

Mine tasted great but it looked like this LOL ;)

It was even featured in a kitchen disaster blog 
Bwaha oh my gosh that is too funny. Yay for it being delicious anyways.

I can't believe I... *raises eyebrows*
Have been married for 35 years and he’s still breathing
Oh dang. That's awesome Debbie. For you and the hubby. lol

I'm completely obsessed with?
The Black Dagger Brotherhood!
Thank ya so much for coming by Debbie and for spilling all your reader girl secrets!
Anna it’s been my complete pleasure I’m a total fangirl of yours!!!
Totally mutual. :D Alright yall. Feel free to leave Debbie some comment love or ask her any questions!

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