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#AFTH2015 w/ Jennifer Delamere--A Southern Holiday + giveaway

Aws I'm so excited for yall to meet today's Author...Jennifer Delamere! She's one of my local ladies and writes lovely historical romances. They're on the sweeter side of the heat scale but yall they're just gorgeous books. Please give her a nice welcome and leave her some comment love!  ~Anna

Many thanks to Anna for inviting me to be here today!

I know y’all talk a lot about cats and cooking on this blog, so I’ve decided to make this post a “two-fer” and talk about a little of both.

I lived in Savannah, Georgia during my junior high and high school years, and since I still have family members there I tend to think of it as my hometown. But living in a place is quite different from visiting there as a tourist. On our last trip to Savannah, my husband and I decided to take in a few of the more iconic “touristy” places.

One of them is a restaurant called the Crab Shack. It’s actually made up of several buildings located on several acres of shady ground along Chimney Creek on Tybee Island. The Crab Shack also boasts a live alligator pit! You can feed them too, if you get there at the right time. Also adding to the fun is a room filled with a dozen or so exotic birds, including parrots.

But the best part, of course, is the seafood, which is best enjoyed on the large, tree-shaded deck overlooking the creek and Savannah’s lovely wide marshes. (The salty, tangy smell of the marsh is one of my favorite olfactory “memories” of Savannah.)

And what critters do you suppose are on hand to enjoy the scraps of glorious seafood that fall from those deck-side tables? That’s right—cats! There’s a small herd of them there, and they even have their own luxurious home! I had to show you a photo of this:

As you see, there’s even a cat hammock off to the side. Those are some spoiled cats!

A former coworker of mine who worked for a time in Savannah said it best: “Savannah has more great restaurants per capita than any town I know.”

Yes, they know how to eat well in Savannah, which brings me to the subject of cooking. Being a history geek, I’ve gone all out at times to recreate a Victorian Christmas—the kind my characters would have enjoyed in A Bride for the Season--including this real figgy pudding!

But mostly, my cooking tends to have a southern flair. My favorite cookbook is called Savannah Sampler. To be honest, there’s a personal reason why it’s my favorite: it was written by my mother, a journalist and Savannah historian. It was first published in the 1970s, and although my mom passed away in 2009, the cookbook is still going strong. Not only is it filled with authentic southern recipes, but it also has snippets of Savannah history sprinkled generously throughout. She even snuck in a few family favorites, including my grandmother’s recipe for delightful Christmas cookies called Lizzies.

I’ve made a lot of recipes from that book, but a real crowd-pleaser is invariably the pecan pie. I’ve included the recipe below, including a few of my personal observations. It might not be as appealing to your furbabies as say, crab or shrimp, but the humans at your table are guaranteed to love it. Enjoy!

Tell me, do you have a favorite dish that you always make for the holidays? I’d love to hear about it! I’ll be giving away a signed copy of A BRIDE FOR THE SEASON to one lucky commenter.

Lucinda Cardington doesn’t care that she is close to being “on the shelf.” She has more serious pursuits in mind and is perfectly content to leave dreams of romance to silly young ladies like her sister. Yet when her sister places herself in a compromising situation with London’s most scandalous bachelor, the entire family’s reputation comes perilously close to ruin. Suddenly Lucinda is in the limelight…and in need of a husband.

James Simpson’s rakish ways have finally caught up with him. Snared in a scandal that for once is not his doing, he is forced to do the honorable thing and offer marriage to the lady. But her father won’t agree to a dowry unless James can also find a suitable husband for the lady’s elder sister—quiet, reserved Lucinda Cardington. As James gets to know the vibrant, charming, and passionate woman behind Lucinda’s shy exterior, he comes to the distressing realization that he doesn’t want her in anyone’s arms but his own… 

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A history fan, travel lover, and outdoor enthusiast, Jennifer Delamere writes sweet romance with plenty of joy and sizzle. Her debut novel An Heiress at Heart was an RWA RITA® award finalist, and her follow-up, A Lady Most Lovely, earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Jennifer earned her B.A. in English from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she also gained fluency in French and developed an abiding passion for winter sports. An avid reader of both classic novels and historical fiction, she also enjoys biographies and histories, which she mines for the vivid details to bring to life the characters and places in her books.

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