Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#AtoZChallenge--Anna. Yups. That's me!

It's the A to Z Challenge!

We're blogging the alphabet along with 1000s of other bloggers.

There's a specific letter for each day and then you pick your own theme.

Our Theme: herder of cats, burner of soup
Basically...a day in the life of and all the things I love
A is for Anna
and this year I'm doing an all about me theme.
How perfect is that?!
So today I'm gonna tell you a little about me :)
Hopefully I can come up with something yall DONT already know about me. lol

Sooo. I guess we'll start with a rare "me" sighting.
Yall don't see me too often but every once in a while I'll pop a pic up on FB or instagram :)
I ended up book club leader for my real life book club this year and in return was promised a tiara.

And yes. I totally rock it while I'm cleaning. Heh

Hmm. What else.

I work from home so I pretty much live in pajamas.
I have more tanks and bottoms than anything else.
Well maybe not purses.
95% of my life is in pjs. I'm in em now. They're grey with white polka dots :D

I think Mayo is vile.
I won't even put it in egg salad.
If I can sub something in for it I do.

I live in constant chaos but am an organization freak.
I love lists and organizing.
But I also have a tendency to jump into things spur of the moment.
And that can cause a lot of house chaos.
I can't bake a cupcake to save my damn life.
Okay. Maybe it's not THAT bad.
But as much as I can bake and cook cupcakes are my freaking nemesis.
They kick my ass every time.

I love surprising people.
Not like actual *SURPRISE*
But their assumptions.
People tend to get certain thoughts about me because of what I do or what I read or whatnot and it's fun to be like...::surprise:: you're not even close.
In the readery world I get "it's not what you read...but..." fairly often.
And it usually makes me snort.
I read a lot of straight romance now days but my bread and butter when I first started reading was mystery and urban fantasy. I was a junkie on both.
So it always makes me laugh a little when people are surprised I've read whatever it is.

For yall new around here.
I run an animal rescue in real life.
And volunteer at the USO.
Nature freaks me the fuck out.
My favorite food it ketchup.
Followed by chocolate.
then eggplant parmesan over pasta.
I'm a vegetarian.
I like all things inappropriate.
The dirtier the sex the better.
I burn soup (or rather pasta) often.
I'm on the hunt for the perfect erotic art for my dining room.
(this is currently in my dining room window. not too erotic but I do love it)

I love naughty church signs.
Publix is my favorite grocery store.
I don't have kids. And I'm not married.
Maybe one day. Who knows.

So. Now you know a bit about me.
Tell me a little about YOU!

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