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Interview w/ Diana Gardin-- rock stars, ARROW and cookies!

Reed Hopewell is a lot of things to a lot of people . . .

To his parents, he's the son who needs to get serious. To his friends, he's the player they all want to be. And to his fans, he's the hottest rocker in Charleston. But never has Reed been anyone's hero-until the night he finds Hope.

Hope Dawson can count the number of men she trusts on one hand. Definitely not the guys she goes out with or the stepfather who treats her like property. She'd be out of his house tomorrow if not for the need to protect her little sister. But when things at home go from bad to worse, Hope has to act fast-and Reed is the only person she can turn to . . .

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Morning Diana!! Welcome to herding cats! *passes around some chocolate chip cookies* How goes things in your part of the world?
Cookies! *munches merrily* I’m sorry, what? My favorite dessert distracted me. One of them, anyway. Things are great down here in South Carolina. We are having seventy-degree weather and loving life outside again! Thanks so much for having me!
It's always awesome to have another Carolina author stop by :) *noms another cookie* Alright. I'm crazy curious about these Reed and Hope. If you had 10 seconds to get someone raising their eyebrow with curiosity what would you tell them about Falling Deep?

Falling Deep is the rock star romance you never saw coming. Reed is unlike any male hero, and Hope is completely different than other heroines you may have read before.
Oh I do love me some rockers! Can you tell us 3 fun/sexy/quirky/etc behind the scenes facts about Reed, Hope and their story?
1. Reed gets asked a lot why he doesn’t play country music. His answer is always “Smooth rock speaks to my soul.” 
2. When Hope asked Reed why he was initially attracted to her, he told her the masked pain in her eyes pulled him closer until he could no longer stay away. 
3. The bar where Reed often plays in Charleston (along with Reed) will make a cameo appearance in an upcoming NA novel by Kate. L. Mary.
Oh that's fun. Love when there's a little cross series happenings. Did you have a favorite quote that just made you swoon or had you gigglesnorting or sighing in girly bliss over these two?
“If you want to scream my damn name loud enough for everyone in this hotel to hear, then you better do it. Because they all need to know that I’m here, and you’re MINE.” ~Reed
I have to be honest…that one nearly did me in. I might get my hubby to say that line to be verbatim in the near future.
Oh my. I'd totally be in for that. Whew! So that's his yummy naughty side but what about the sweet? If Reed was going to write a song for Hope what would he call it?
Before I Knew I Could Fall
Hmmm curious. Best things about Reed?
He’s edgy and alpha, which is extremely sexy. But there’s a depth to him that can be even more alluring. He’s a Southern boy with charm  to spare, he loves his family and his friends fiercely, and he’s so totally devoted to the woman he loves.
Oh my gosh. I already want to lick him. Heh. Now, what about Hope?
Hope’s most amazing quality is the ferocious protectiveness she feels for her sister. Everything she does, she does for Violet. 
Aw, I love that. So, if they were going to have their "dream day" and could do anything they wanted for 24 hours what would these two get up to?
Yeesh! The things they could do! One thing they’d for sure do is do a swimming workout together. It’s both of their workouts of choice. Then they’d definitely spend some time on the beach, playing around and having fun. They’re both fairly laid back, so they wouldn’t need much more than the ocean, a few drinks at Sunny’s with their friends, and some alone time together. Hope’s one request would be to wake up to Reed’s guitar and his voice.
Well that would be a lovely way to wake up for sure. Favorite Man Candy?
Stephen Amell, star of the CW show ARROW


Oh. Noms! If you were gonna be in a band what would you play?
I would sing :)
Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
A finger splint from like two years ago
I'm completely obsessed with?
Netflix TV shows (like Revenge and Gossip Girl)
Favorite book cover color?
Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
I plead the fifth.
Bwaha oh that's dangerous. I could so make up a fun one. Hmmms. But first. Best food ever? Like you'd seriously cry if you never got it again?
French fries
Mmms. I could totally go for some french fries. I think I might need to head out right now for a few. But first, what's up next for you?
My agent currently has the first in a new military NA Romantic Suspense series. I hope we can find a home for it in the next couple of months!
Oh that sounds yummy. We're all about those Military men here :) Thanks so much for coming by to hang out with The Herd Diana!
Anytime! Those cookies were delish!
Alright kittens! Yall leave Diana some comment love!

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