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Quote-tastic/Review-- A thing called books-- Mate Bond by Jennifer Ashley

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Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series is one of my all time favorite para reads. I just love how her characters think, the humor, the heat. Pretty much all of it. This quote totally made me snort. The hero and heroine have been together over a decade and you could totally tell.

"I'm Kenzie O'Donnell now,"Kenzie was saying. "I was absorbed into Bowman's pack when we mated."

"In order to calm the challenging tendencies of the Dimitru pack," Turner finished, sounding pleased with himself. "The Dimitrus and O'Donnells nearly came to battle over who would run the Shiftertown, and Bowman took a Dimitru mate to settle the question. Like Henry the Seventh and Elizabeth of York, ending the Wards of the Roses for once and for all."

"I hope so," Kenzie said. "Those two came to care very deeply for each other, so they say."

Bowman shot her a questioning look, which Kenzie returned neutrally. He could almost hear the words in her head-- I read books. You should try it.

"Exactly," Turner said. "A love story for the ages."
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh book noms! Mate Bond was tasty! Loved every second of being in one of my favorite shifter worlds. And Mate Bond was a shiftery good time. Lots of growling, teasing, some hot loving, mystery and danger and best of all...cubs!!! *squeals* Yall know I love me some shifter cubs. It was definitely working for me as things move to North Carolina and Bowman and his mate Kenzie head off against a mystery monster rampaging in their woods.

Okay so Bowman and Kenzie. Ahhh couple love! These two have been together for like 15 years. They're from different packs and mated to keep peace in their Shifter town. I just loved that they had that history and knew each other so damn well. They were sexy and hilarious together. Pushed buttons and knew just how to get each other fired up in and out of the bedroom.

They really tugged at my heart. They're in love. Their lives revolve around each other and their cub but they have such a struggle because they've never found that elusive "mate bond" that's magical and so desired by Shifters. And it was heart breaking watching them deal with the hope of  finding it and having it dashed time and time again. I loved watching them deal and be there for each other no matter the crazy and scary surrounding them though. They're just awesome people too. Bowman was growly and sexy and such a good dad and Kenzie...totally kick ass female. She's tough and sassy and, yeah, badass.

The danger and adventure, as always, was exciting, frustrating and had me all fired up. This Shifter town gets the hell beat out of it. They take a serious pounding as they try to figure out where the monster came from and how to deal with it. There was a lot of action a couple curious arrivals and a damn impressive showdown.

All in all, Jennifer Ashley simply writes the best Shifters and Mate Bond was a killer addition to the series. Sexy, action packed and full of humor, love and incredible heart. One of my favorite things about this series is the the towns and all of the various pack and clan members. Wolves, Cats, Bears...they stick together, fight together, celebrate together. They might have some squabbles now and again but they're just a great community and group and I want to know more about ALL of them. *fingers crossed*

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Some of these are novellas but figured I'd include those as well :)
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