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Quote-tastic/Review--Damnable women & neckcloths!!--Too Dangerous for a Lady by Jo Beverley

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Sooo I'm late posting Quote-tastic by like...12 hours. Oops! A nap happened and that nap ended up lasting like 10 hours. Heh. So anywho. Today's book is Too Dangerous for a Lady. It was my first by Beverly and it's like book 16 in a series but worked. It was a fun one and I just loved these little moments. There's a bit of a spy/danger thing happening he's pulled her into, fyi.

"What posses you?"

She raised her chin. "Necessity. Why are your even here? Your necessity was to leave."

"So that's why you thought you could get away with this."

"I'm not getting away with anything. You do not command me, sir."

"I wish I did."

"I'm sure you do. Stop looming over me. If you intend to stay, sit." She sat back down, hands neatly in her lap.

Keeping a stern face was almost impossible, but he managed as he took a chair facing her. By God, this must be love. A damnable, insane ecstasy simply to be in her presence, despite folly and danger.

She frowned. "Are you all right?"
 I love that she's smart and can trip him up now and again. And that she wants to protect him too...
"You're planning a disguise? Perhaps there's some sense---"

"I don't need one. <deleted explanation b/c it's spoilery> You see? I'll be safer in London than here or at Selby Hall."

He opened his mouth and shut it again.

"Unwilling to admit I'm right?"

"I'm seeking the flaw in your argument."

She waited, like a cat watching a cornered mouse.

"You are a damnable woman."

"You mean I'm right."

He laughed. "Yes, I mean you're right. Im not convinced you'll be safer in London than here, but your points are valid."

"Grudging, sir, grudging"

"Don't count it against me that I want your safety."

"I don't. But what of yours? May I command you not to take risks?"

"Would you want to?"

Her eyes slid away for a moment and he waited, breath shallow. Finally, she looked up at him. "Yes."

He crossed to sit by her on the sofa. "So we can talk more quietly," he said, but that wasn't the reason, and they both knew it. Her brows rose, but she smiled. The damnable woman was ready to be kissed.
 And this just made me chuckle. I have SO felt that way over formal attire before and trying to get the blasted stuff off.
"No point in mangling your neckcloth over it."

Mark had been trying to free himself of his. "Damn all neckcloths and those who tie them." he said, wrenching it off and opening his collar. It crunched slightly as he rolled his head against it.

Braydon chuckled.

"And men who laugh in dire times."
Too Dangerous For a Lady (Company of Rogues #16) by Jo Beverley
Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

My first Jo Beverley! I know, I know. I've been living under a historical rock. But I'm getting there. lol Too Dangerous for a Lady was a curious romance full of danger, spies, threats and excitement not to mention a second chance at love and passion! Yes, please!

The quick of it was that when they were young Herimone and Thayne shared a dance at a ball and instantly felt that sparkling connection. But then war and life happened and it was years before they ran into one another again...when he broke into her hotel room while hiding from attackers after stealing papers. Um...yes. Quite the reunion! And that connection is still instantly there between them but danger, family illness--she'd been on her way to see an ailing relative-- and the realities of life seem to constantly get in their way as they fight to save those they love and protect their country from radicals!

I loved the characters. Herimone and Thayne were bold, determined, had some sass and backbone. I love that in my hero and heroine. The secondary characters were great as well. Both her ailing uncle who is rather grouchy and The Company of Rogues--who she's connected to via her deceased brother and that come to her aid-- are definitely an interesting lot and I'm curious as all get out about some of their stories. I'll be going back to check them out at some point I'm sure.

The romance was a spot different. For a 400+ page book Thayne and Hermione spend very little time on page together. I'd be surprised if they were on page together or in contact with each other for 100 of those pages. But somehow their connection still managed to work. I'm really not sure how Beverley pulled that off but she did. They have brief encounters that are touching and passionate (though not explicit--darn!) but then they part ways and Thayne goes off to battle the revolutionaries and Hermione continues her quest to find a cure for an ailing relative.

I really liked the plot as well with radicals wanting to incite a bloody revolution and the hero having infiltrated their ranks to try to stop them, being found out and the danger of it all. It was exciting and a little infuriating and nerve wracking. Though at over 400 pages I did get a bit impatient. At around 300 pages I was ready for things to get wrapped up. It seemed to drag a bit there for me just because of the length. Things did happen very quickly in the end and everything wrapped up nicely but whew it took a long while to get there.

Overall, though, I'm ready to try the rest of the series. Too Dangerous for a Lady was a different read than I was expecting but it was an entertaining one. 

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