Friday, May 15, 2015

Word from the Herd: Done. I am DONE!!! This book & Me?...OVER!

So this one was kind of a toss up between being a Word from the Herd or a Randomly Random but it landed here since I'm feeling more ranty than cheeky. One of my review books today had me feeling a bit...peeved. Actually a few books lately have. I've not had a good reading week and it got me wondering....

What makes you quit a book?

Not just things you'd rather not read but things that have you going...

'oh hell no! I quit this fucking bitch! Next!' type things.

I'm a pretty open reader. I can read...a lot of gritty things, I go cross genres and love alternative lifestyles and even if one of them makes me uncomfortable or isn't a 'turn on' for me I'm usually still okay reading them since I like reading about what makes people tick and the things they do.

But there are a couple things that for the most part are serious no-gos for me.

Things that'll likely have me quitting a book and sometimes an author altogether.


Nope. I just. So much no. 
That to me is something you just cannot come back with. 

Even a hint of cheating (and to me kissing someone else when you're in a committed relationship is a huge no go too) and I'm likely done.

I'll lose all respect for a hero or heroine at that point and, yeah, done.

**Just to clarify. I do not consider menages or a couple bring in a third for the night to be cheating. If both sides consent and are there together...I'm good with it. 

Intentionally killing/abusing kids.

This is one that got added to my list tonight and sparked this post.
So. I was reading and liking the book okay but then they decided to share their dark secrets.
The heroine intentionally killed her unborn child when she was younger.
She decided to botch a dance move so that she would fall (she was a ballerina) and land on her stomach.

You know. I'm sorry. But no. I'm not okay with that in my heroines.
I don't want abortion coming into my romances either.
I had one heroine a while back that aborted her baby without telling the hero even though she knew he desperately wanted a child. It ended up being a reunion romance and he found out what she'd done.

I'm gonna check out at that point.

Political or Religious Digs

This is one that I'm on the fence about but tends to get me less enthused about an author.

Unless it's a known political book or one dealing with religion I really don't want to see political or religious opinion in my reads. This kind of ties in to the previous one as well.

It's fine if a character is a politician or religious.

But I don't want to be preached at and I don't want to be mocked.
I don't want to be reading for enjoyment and have my personal political or religious beliefs slammed or digs made at how horrible I am for believing them.

I don't want to know the author's personal opinions on either.
And really think those should be kept out of romances.
No matter what side of the spectrum half the reader population is getting dissed and that's just not smart in my opinion.

Killing/Torturing/Abusing Animals


Making fun of Romance Readers

You wouldn't think that would show up in a romance book but totally did.
I had one (review is coming) where the heroine trashed romance books and their readers for pretty much the entire story.

Trashy. Unintelligent. Low self esteem. On and on. 

What the devil?!


I'm reading and going...did you forget your target audience??
Every single one of that authors books was promptly removed from my reading list.

So. Those are MY No-Gos.
What are YOURS?

To submit a topic go HERE!

I love hearing from yall! So don't be shy...leave a comment!

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