Saturday, June 13, 2015

Word from the Herd--Everyone's a Best Seller! *glances around*

Everyone's a Best Selling Author!!

Okay. So I know that's not exactly true.

But some days it feels like every single author I pick up is a best seller of some sort.

What got me thinking about it was a blitz post about a box set I saw on a friend's blog. There were a crazy ton of authors in it (15-20is) and looking down the list pretty much every single one of them had a best selling author (of some sort) attached to their name. I'd not heard of a single one of them. That can totally happen but it got me wondering and looking around and thinking about the topic and if the label meant anything to me as a reader anymore.

Does it mean the same thing it used to mean?

For me not really.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm definitely excited for the authors I know when they do well and hit authorly goals and such. That's always awesome and I'm very happy for them.

But now days it seems...I don't know.

It seems like so much emphasis is put on getting and using that tag line that it's...
not quite as meaningful (to me as a reader) somehow? Same goes for being a winner of X award or Y competition type things. It just seems so much more prevalent than it did a couple years ago. I really don't remember this from even a few years back.

My Facebook feed, my review requests, etc are full of best seller or #1 seller and award winner mentions. 3 of the 4 requests in my inbox right now are "best sellers" and used that as their opening intro for example.

Amazon best selling author
USA Today lists
NY Times lists

International Best Seller

#1 best seller for historical western set in Oklahoma with a brown haired hero with violet eyes
(okay I totally made that up but sometimes they're so specific that I'm left going okay but there can't be more than like 5 books on that list)

Authors using the best selling tag line when they received it for a box set.
(I kind of have an issue with this)

I get the excitement of it for the author but as a reader it's become sort of white noise at this point.
But maybe that's just a thing for me? I don't know.

Do you pay attention to 'best selling' or award winning author tag lines?
Do you buy books because of seeing them?

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