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Do Not Forsake Me (Outlaw Hearts #2) by Rosanne Bittner

Well now, I might have found a new author to binge on. Do Not Forsake Me was a wonderful read and incredibly unique. I'd say it's more family saga/romance than a pure historical romance but I loved it. From the characters--who were in their 40s-50s and married 26 years-- to the locale of the frontier to the danger surrounding this family at every turn. A legendary outlaw turned lawman who so many want to take down just to claim they were the ones to kill the legend. A reporter wanting to tell the story of the real man behind that legend. It was just fascinating at every turn.

You don't read about a long married couple too often. And I loved that. Miranda and Jake were amazing and so very different. I loved that they were in their mid 40s&50s too! Had grown kids, grandchildren and a lifetime of being together. Had been through hell and back multiple times and were fierce, strong, loyal and completely, utterly, unquestionably smitten with each other. They know each others strengths and weaknesses and it was wonderful seeing them together as they faced danger once again and the fear of losing each other after so many years. They were just lovely people.
*this is after he's just woken up from an injury and sees his wife.

"...how in hell did I make it to heaven?"

"God put you here." Randy answered. "It's his punishment, because in heaven you'll have to listen to my nagging for the rest of your eternal life."

"Never thought of it that way."
While they had a strong storyline the book really was about the whole family. Everyone had their own storylines going that weaved together. The parents, their son finding love and romance again after being widowed, their daughter and her husband growing their family and overcoming something terrible. They wove together with ease and were just such an amazing group. They had a unique upbringing with their father being a famous outlaw, they hard some horrible rough patches over the years, but this family is solid. You'd never question if you were loved and safe with each other. I loved the feel of them all. The connection and dedication and just the pure love that radiated from all of them for each other. It was very sweet and touching.

The frontier was a pretty ugly place and this family was smack in the middle of it due to Jake's former life as an outlaw and so many men wanting to be the one to claim killing the legend and his current job as a lawman sent out to hunt outlaws. Life is not easy for this family. They have people gunning for them constantly and it's brutal and scary and at times heartbreaking as they deal with evil men out to make Jake pay for being him. There were some scenes that were incredibly hard to read but I liked that it wasn't made out to be all roses and sweetness. This family had to fight hard and did whatever it took to survive.

While this is the second book about this group--the first I'm guessing is the early years of Miranda and Jake falling in love and dealing with life over the years--it was easy to get into without having read book one first. I think in part due to Jeff...a reporter wanting to write Jake's story. It made getting to know the family and their past easier since he was slowly learning about their past too. I really liked him as a character as well.

All in all, Do Not Forsake Me was a wonderful read. It's a hard story and a difficult life but an amazing family that inspired and shone brightly in their harsh surroundings because of the incredible love they had for each other. A definite winner! Bittner will pull you in and give you a serious case of the feels.

Have you read Bittner? Have a favorite?
Have a suggestion for a series/book about a long term married couple?
Or a criminal turned law man?
Miranda Hayes' life was changed the day she faced down infamous gunslinger Jake Harkner...and walked away with his heart. Their fates have been intertwined ever since. Hunted by the law, fleeing across a savage land, their desperate love flourished despite countless sorrows. Now, twenty-six years later, their family has finally found some measure of peace...balanced on the knife's edge of danger.

Jake has spent his years as a U.S. Marshal atoning for sins, bringing law to the land he once terrorized. But no matter how hard he fights the demons of his brutal past, the old darkness still threatens to consume him. Only Miranda keeps the shadows at bay. But when outlaws looking for revenge strike a fatal blow, Jake risks losing the one woman who saw past his hard exterior and to the man inside.

He always knew there'd be the devil to pay. He just never realized he might not be the one to bear the ultimate price.

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