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Quote-tastic/Review--I hate myself *hangs head*-- Sustained by Emma Chase

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My first Emma Chase! And I loved it! So first off Sustained is told from the hero's POV and he is a doozie of a man which made for quite the ride. Alright. So the hero in this one is a lawyer who is all about the casual screw, doing what feels good and moving on. No commitments. No mess. Ever. But he's managed to get himself landed smack in the middle of a family--the heroine and her 6 nieces and nephews who all happen to be down with a stomach bug. And he just can't seem to say no to any of them...

A little while later, Rosaleen crawls off the recliner, dragging her pillow with her. She plops it down next to me and rests her head on it, regarding me. Her forehead is sickly damp, her eyes glazed. "Will you sing me a song?"

I look back at her. "No."

"Please?" she rasps.

I shake my head definitively. I will not be broken. "Not happening."

Her clammy hand touches my wrist. "It will help me fall asleep."

And just like that, the resolve begins to fissure.

"I don't sing," I explain with a dash of desperation.

Her lip trembles, and the fissure widens. "But it will make me feel better. And I feel terrible, Jake."

I cling to my man-card with straining fingers. "I don't know any songs."

It's doubtful Iron Maiden would be helpful in this situation.

She blinks up at me slowly. "Pretty please?"

And the fissure has now become the Grand fucking Canyon. Damn it.

I clear my throat and softly sing the One Direction lyrics that have been buzzing in my head for days like overcaffeinated insects.

"Everyone else in the room can see it..."

My voice is too deep and haltingly awful.

The boys groan in tortured unison. Riley perks up from the recliner and turns my way, suddenly interested. Chelsea covers her mouth and I just know she's giggling under that hand. But Rosaleen...her baby-blue gaze warms me down to the marrow of my bones. Because it's thankful and adoring and brimming with hero worship.

And for the first time in twenty-four hours, she's smiling.

So I continue. "Everyone else but you..."
I finish the goddamn chorus. Rosaleen applauds wildly and Riley sighs dreamily. "Best song ever."

Chelsea gives up trying to hold it in and giggles out loud.

I glance over my shoulder at her. "I hate myself right now."

Sustained (The Legal Briefs, #2)  by Emma Chase

Well. Any author who can take a only-out-for-himself manwhore defense attorney and make him not only likable but endearing and entirely loveable too has my full damn attention. Sustained was a knock out and hit all my reader girl buttons. It was an absolute ride as Jake--who's POV the book is told from--has his world seriously rocked by a petite little woman and her brood of kids. All SIX of them.

Alright so the quick of it is that Chelsea's brother passed away and she's now the guardian for all of her very lively nieces and nephews and they're giving her a run for her money. Including one of the little hellions who brought defense attorney Jake into their picking his pocket. Yeah. *hangs head for her*

The Characters

Jake: Gah. I NEVER would have thought I'd fall for Jake. The guy. Well. He's a fucking prick when things kick off. He's upfront about it but he pretty much uses women for sex then he's done and ready to move on to the next. And, really, he's a defense attorney and good at getting scum off the hook..I'm over here going 'oh you are a fucking tool!' But...that tool totally won my ass over. Color me really freaking surprised. *bows down to Chase cus that's some impressive shit right there* Jake turned out to be a pretty awesome hero. I loved that it was told from his POV and he really didn't hold back. There's a lot of good under his shallow bad boy persona and it was fun watching that peek out.

Chelsea: Chelsea's a strong woman, that's for sure. She's got so much on her hands but is sweet and caring and doing everything she can to give her nieces and nephews a happy home despite the tragedy they've been through. Totally uprooted her own life to take on tremendous responsibility and she did it with heart and love and strength. She just made me want to hug her and I am NOT a hugger. lol

And the kids: They're colorful, lively and an absolute whirlwind but I adored them. Usually kids are a hard sell for me but Chase did an amazing job with them giving each a distinctive personality and issues. I was seriously smitten with the whole herd of them.

The Romance

These two! Their lives are night and day different but I loved them together and watching the relationship change from him just lending legal counsel to the kids to slowly becoming more and more involved with the family and not being able to resist...any of them. They felt comfortable together as they kind of fell into a domestic set up. 

Now, the heat. Whew, boy. So it takes them a while to get going since...there's the whole herd of 'cockblocking interrupters' but oh man when they finally get a few minutes alone it's delicious. 

The Family

As much as this was a romance it was really a family affair too and it did a number on my heart. I loved watching Jake with the kids and seeing them all fall for each other. This guy is so not the man you'd ever match up with kids but it worked and was so cute and endearing seeing him go to Mommy & Me classes or pop concerts or just being there when they were sick and needed someone. He really didn't clean up his mouth at all around them and told em like it was when they was causing trouble or being bratty and it was hilarious. They're all a little dysfunctional but in the best way and gah it was good. I'd love to be a part of this family. 

All in all, Sustained won me over. Utterly heartwarming, sexy, and hilarious! I will definitely be reading more from Chase! 

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