Friday, September 11, 2015

Randomly Random--Weird Readerly Worries

Okay. I'm gonna admit right off the bat. I'm a worrier by nature.
And I come by it real damn honestly. If my mama can't reach me a couple times a day...panic!

I was off grid once for like 5 hours. Cell was off, internet turned off, etc.
My mama freaked.
Called my neighbor (who wasn't home).
Called one of my best friends who lives about 40 minutes away and had her on her way to my house to make sure I was alive type panic.

And I'd only been off the grid for 5 hours.
People. I am 33 years old. *hangs head* I said. I come by my worrying honestly. It's in my blood. lol
And, dammit, sometimes that seeps over into the readerly world.

So. I'm curious. Do any of yall have weird readerly worries now and again.

For me it's...OMG but what if this isn't REALLY their final HEA!?!

So many books I've read lately the hero or heroine was previously married and their spouse died or they got divorced or whatnot and they're now on their second romance and getting their "real" HEA.


So, sometimes, the panicky worry hits.

Because omg what if THIS isn't their final HEA and one of them is gonna die and then they'll be the 'once upon a time I was married' side of their person's future HEA. The one they have to get over before finding their forever romance.

Or the dreaded ex that's talked about.

It's crazy. I don't know why that hits me. But it so does. And I worry. I totally worry. lol

What about you?
Do you ever get any irrational worries while reading?

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