Friday, September 11, 2015

3.5 stars-- Switchback by Catherine Anderson

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Sooooo.... I was 8 years old when Switchback made it's original debut. Talk about a throwback! lol

And it was a fun throwback as Mallory and her daughter are targeted by a desperate criminal willing to do anything to retrieve a package he's sure her father-in-law has in his possession. Their only hope...a man name Mac who owes her father-in-law dearly and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Suspense, romance, a happily ever after...Switchback had it all.

The Characters

Mac and Mallory are definitely fighters. They had everything going against them but never gave up. Took a beating and kept on going. While they both had some issues--she's fairly naive at the start and he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder--they were likable. Mallory definitely got her grit on and was pretty dang strong when most would have fallen apart. It was awesome seeing that side of her come out. And Mac had a good heart and threw everything he had into saving this little girl. I like characters with guts and determination and they had it in spades.

The Romance

Their relationship was interesting. Right from the start these two have a tension between them. And not exactly a good one. There's attraction but there's also some unease mixed in that kept these two from getting close right away. There's a wee bit of heat but not all that much since the suspense was more in the hot seat.

The suspense

Fast paced and intense. Anderson had my palms sweating as these two came up against unknown assassins, searched for the hidden package and raced to save her daughter. Bullets, car chases, never knowing where to turn. I could feel their frustration, exhaustion and panic that they'd fail in their mission. While I picked up on clues fairly early on it was still nicely done.

Going Old School

Since it was written in the 90s there was definitely an old school feel and some outdated bits happening. Use of pay phones, medications that are now banned, use of a Rolodex, typewriters, slang and terms that just don't scream present day, him having fought in Nam, etc. It wasn't a big deal but did have an older feel to it when it came to the writing. But that's kind of fun too getting to see what romance books were like back in the day.

Overall, I enjoyed Switchback. It was a fun kick back romance and I'd totally be up for another from Anderson.

Do you have a favorite from Anderson?
Any old school romance favorites (20+ years old)?

romance, suspense, old school romance, review, books, catherine anderson
Bud Mac Phearson's job is to protect Mallory Christiani and her young daughter, Emily not to get personally involved with either. But after Emily disappears and the trail leads directly to a well-known crime boss, Mac can't refuse the beautiful single mother's pleas for help. With assassins hot on their trail and danger around every corner, the tentative partners race to find the missing key needed for the ransom even as they try to fight the attraction blooming between them. But when Mac trades his own life for Emily's, Mallory must risk it all to save the man she's come to love.

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