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Quote-tastic/Review--What the hell?! It's green!-- Takes Two to Tackle by Jeanette Murray

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Sports romance!!! My only contact with sports. And just the way I prefer it :D And Jeanette Murray is one of my favorites when it comes to sports romances. I'd been dying to get my hands on Takes Two to Tackle and holy! Fun, sexy, perfection. This scene had me rolling. I was SO with Stephen on this...

When she put the mug in front of him, he glared in it. "It's green."

"It's a green superjuice," she said simply, biting the inside of her cheek. "It's supposed to be extremely good for your digestion."

"It looks like it went bad a few weeks ago."

She turned, giving the kale her attention because otherwise she would laugh out loud. A moment later, she heard him sputter and gasp.

"What. The. Hell. Was. That," he bit out. She turned and handed him a paper towel, letting her smile show now. "You're trying to poison me?"

"Oh, stop." She waited for him to mop up the little bit he'd dribbled on the countertop. "It's just juice."

"Juice that tastes like...I don't know. Stale socks and death."

"Stop. It's just got some green stuff in addition to the apples and pears."

"You fed me green juice." He tried to scowl, but she could see the impulse to laugh behind it. "I can't believe you put vegetables in a juice, on purpose, then fed it to me. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"So sorry." She settled the plate of kale chips in front of him and came around to sit beside him. "Maybe these will erase the taste."

He eyed them then shook his head. "No, nope, not going there."

"Oh, come on." She nudged his side, then grabbed one and popped it in her mouth. "See? They're actually not terrible."

"Not terrible. What a sales pitch." He took one, slowly brought it up and took a bite that wouldn't choke a squirrel. "Not quite the same as a bag of sour cream and onion chips, but I've had worse. He pointed. "Like that juice."

She laughed and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Takes Two to Tackle (Santa Fe Bobcats #3)

If Murray writes it...I'm gonna read it. Damn, she's good! Sexy as hell hero, incredible heroine, the excitement of the game, a luscious romance and real life struggles...everything about Takes Two to Tackle was irresistible and captivating. 

The quick of it is that Stephen has a problem. He's just gotten back from rehab and is on pretty thin ice with his sports team. It's his last chance to prove he's clean, sober and can handle his job. In a moment of panic--to prove he has the support he needs--homeboy claims he has a girlfriend. *hangs head* He so doesn't. Not even a tiny little bit. And off he goes to try to convince his cleaning lady to move in, pretend they're a thing and help him keep his life in order. Whew!

These two were something else. And that was most definitely a good thing. Margaret's blunt and sassy. Honest, hard working and totally solid. Says what she's thinking and doesn't let him get away with any of his shit. And Stephen's a total guy. Rough around the edges sometimes, crazy sexy and with an incredible heart. 

The chemistry was amazing. They just had that snappy zing between them that made watching them together so dang fun! It took a little while for things to fully heat up but even before that they were just good together. Made me smile, gave me those warm fuzzies and had me cheering them on. 

It wasn't always an easy read. There's lots of fun and sexy but addiction and alcoholism played a big part in the story. And I liked that. Some parts weren't pretty as Stephen tried to get control of his life again. But it was real and moving watching both his struggles and how his friends reacted to him. The support they provided, the ass kickings when he needed them, etc. It was incredibly well done.

All in all, an amazing addition to the series. Murray tackled a difficult subject with Takes Two to Tackle and did so with class, heart and love. Adding in some fan-yourself-sexy and her trademark humor made it an even more delicious ride. 

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