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Quote-tastic/Review:--a morning what??-- All I Want by Jill Shalvis

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I'm not even gonna pretend to just give one quote today. It's Jill Shalvis. Yall are lucky I stopped when I did. lol So this first one. They've just met. She's putting him up at her house as a favor to her brother who he's best friends with...

Zoe looked at him for a long minute and then blessedly changed the subject. "So when you are around," she said, "do you cook?"

He smiled at the hopeful tone in her voice. "Yes, but only when I'm trying to get laid."

She snorted and then turned away, clearly over him.
Aaaaand as someone who struggles like hell with baking this totally made me laugh... 
"These smell amazing."

"Wait!" she cried, and then froze because it was too late, he'd popped the cookie into his mouth.

He froze, too, because it was possible he'd never tasted a worse chocolate chip cookie, not even in the history of ever. He managed not to choke on it, barely. Normally he didn't care much what people thought of him, but Zoe was kind enough to let a perfect stranger stay in her house simply because her brother had asked.

And also, she was hot and so were her undies, so he very carefully chewed and swallowed manfully when what he really wanted was to spit that crap out. And it was crap. Bad crap.

"So, what do you think?" she asked.

Ah, shit. He hated when a woman asked him that, or anything to do with his opinion, like did her pants make her look fat, or was her haircut okay, or did her cookies suck...because deep down she already knew the truth.

He could lie. He was good at lying, real good. But though he couldn't have explained why to save his own life, he didn't want to lie to Zoe. "Too much baking soda," he said.

She tightened her lips.

"You want me to go now, right?" he asked.

She let out a low laugh. "No, I want to throw away the cookies."

He laughed, too. "Probably a good idea."
Oreo is her big goofy recently rescued pup... 
"And you have a leftover camera."

"It's a spare. In case one malfunctions."

"Huh." She ran a finger over it. "Think I could borrow it?"

He stared at her as all sorts of really erotic thoughts vied for first place in his head. He wondered if they were on the same page.

"I've always wanted to put one here in the house to see what Oreo does all day long," she said.

Nope, he thought, laughing at himself. Not on the same page. Not in the same book.
This is totally me in the morning except for chocolate instead of coffee. lol 
"I'll pour you some coffee," he said, heading to the pot.

"Do you ever just answer a question?" she asked his back. "No, you don't. Ever."

"Over exaggerating much this morning?" he asked. "And I answer your questions to the best of my ability."

"Yeah? Well, then answer this one--how do you nicely tell someone that sometimes you want to hit them in the head with a brick?"

He poured a cup of coffee and added a healthy serving of vanilla creamer--her favorite--before holding it out to her. "You could say that you'd like to rearrange their facial features with a fundamental material used to make walls." he suggested. "That does have a certain ring to it. Drink, Zoe. Fuel up."

She took the proffered mug, drank generously, and sighed. "Probably I shouldn't talk before I've had caffeine."

He refrained from agreeing.

She sighed again. "I'm sorry. I'm a morning shrew."

Again, he thought his restraint was remarkable and deserving of a medal.

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All I Want (Animal Magnetism #7) by Jill Shalvis

So. A few reasons why you need some Jill Shalvis in your life. 

Or more specifically...All I Want.

Really, does it get any better than a Jill Shalvis book? I mean...I just. No. The word you're looking for is no! lol All I had me rocking one of those goofy smiles. It was sweet, sexy and made me bust out laughing more than once in an *fluffs hair* oh-so-ladylike-way, of course. And I loved every second of it as Parker and Zoe played house, raised some kittens and basically drove each other a spot crazy. It was totally one of those make you sigh, gasp and gigglesnort reads.
1. Parker. Is. Lickable. Total mansicle. I dare you to read about this guy and not wanna give him a good ol' lick. His job is to track down poachers and protect animals. Freaking. Loved. Him. 
sexy, men with cats, men with pets, guy with cats, guy with kittens2. Awesome, awesome heroine. Zoe is not your typical heroine and I love that. She's...a pilot! It's nice seeing a heroine in that type of field. She's pretty independent and always wanting to do things on her own but not in an annoying way. She was charming and likable even if a destroyer of cookies.
3. OMG the #HerdBabes! They're amazing. And a guy hanging with kittens and a nervous rescue dog..Sweet Mary! I am all in a swoon! Shalvis writes the funniest, sweetest critters and they were utterly adorable and add such a fun element to the story.
4. There's some suspense even! With Parker's job he brings in a little bit of a dangerous element. He's supposed to be on leave but he's a total workaholic and seeker of justice so...that doesn't last long.
5. Nommy sex. Whew! The tension and passion will give a girl lovely little hot flashes. *nods head* 
6. And the secondary characters! That's one of the things I love best about Shalvis. Not only does she deliver a stellar make-your-toes-curl romance but the added in community and friends really make for an amazing read. I loved all of the moments with past characters who had already gotten their HEAs and future ones that made appearances. They just make the book feel like coming home.
Shalvis is one of the most brilliant romance writers out there. If you've not picked one of her books up yet you are so missing out. They'll make you swoon and have you begging for more.

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