Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blog Ahead Updates? #BlogAhead2015

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So! How is everyone doing??

I've done a crazy ton of posts so far this month but most of them have actually been for October. Like 30 posts done at this point and only half-ish for the challenge. lol But stuff is getting done even with taking a couple days off with no work towards the challenge. How are YALL doing? Any exciting progress? And plans in place for this week? My plan for the week is to finish all reviews for Oct that I've already read (took on a few recently so haven't read those yet) and work on Dec event posts.

My previous post...

For the entire month of October dozens of bloggers have joined in on the Blog Ahead Challenge of building up their scheduled blog posts and getting ahead with their blogging in time for the holiday season.  If you'd like to join the challenge the sign up page and more info can be found HERE.
This will be my landing spot for my progress.
I'll update it now and again when I finish posts or add in new ideas for ones to knock out.
I'm starting with 68 scheduled posts.
(minus this one and today's post lol so 66 really)
End goal 99 scheduled posts.
(I'm gonna try for an even 100 though)
I've been slacking hard in September with scheduling so way lower than I like to be. Definitely looking forward to getting caught up again.

To Do List

--November reviews (must read faster!)
--couple Dec reviews
--4 to 8 discussion or how to posts
--weekly book release posts for Nov and Dec
--4 cooking posts
--prep for my Dec event (20 author posts)
--yall interviewing me post
--best of 2015 post
--2016 reading challenge sign up posts
--a couple Cat Thursday posts
--Blog Hops 101
plus, of course, I have a number of my October posts I still need to finish and that won't count for the challenge so it's going to be BUSY!


Tag: The Cat Herder--5 (through May)
Christmas Recipe Exchange Sign Up
Authors for the Holidays Announcement
Thankful for You Hop Post
Thankful for You Event Page (herd hops)
Insta-Wed (these are formatted but ob I'll have to add in the pics but kinda counting them kinda not but they are done and ready to go)--5
New Release posts November (4)
AFTH posts (12)
Nov reviews--Sweet Ride
Dec reviews--In the Company of Wolves
1 guest post
Hello My Name Is sign ups--2 posts
Share the Love sign ups--2 posts
total posts--32
Got my fingers crossed and ready to bust ass to make it happen.
It's freaking HARD work, this challenge. But seriously worth the efforts once it's over.

If you're joining in and have an updates page link it below!


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