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Tasty Delights--Midnight Moon Brie

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So this recipe is a kinda special one to me. Years ago, gah, 8 at this point?, my granddad wasn't doing well and I ended up going back home to FL to help my mom and grandmom who were exhausted and frazzled. For a bit over two years I was...the social director. lol I helped with other things but my main goal was to lift everyone's spirits. So I cooked family meals, did Friday get togethers with the family/nurses who came to the house and neighbors and we celebrated every. single. holiday. I was relentless :D So I tried a LOT of recipes. It's actually how I found my love of baking and cooking. For Halloween one year I found this recipe. Midnight Moon Brie. I think it was in one of those little recipe books that's by the cash registers. Anyways. I made it and it disappeared before you could blink your eyes. Even my granddad--who had become very picky about food at that point--enjoyed it. It's incredibly easy but totally gives that fancy feel too :)

Just a couple ingredients.

Slice the brie and layer on the goodies. 
You're basically making a brie sandwich with the brie being the bread for this one.


Wrap it up very tightly with aluminum foil and either tape or fold over the aluminum to secure it around the brie. I do the latter. It's just easiest for me and I can never find food tape when I need it. This is important since you bake the brie and things get all melty. If you don't wrap it things...well they don't stay put. lol

Then in a moon shape add on the last of the walnuts and blue cheese.
You could really do this over the entire thing but since it's Halloween I just do the moon :)


recipe, brie cheese, apricot jam, appetizers, halloween receipes

Bake until melted. It said originally 7-9 minutes. 
It's just going to vary. Mine usually takes 10-11 to heat all the way through. 

recipe, brie cheese, apricot jam, appetizers, halloween receipes

Then serve with crackers (non flavored ones don't go all crazy and get like sun dried tomato ones) or bakery bread.

recipe, brie cheese, apricot jam, appetizers, halloween receipes

It's easy, it's fast, and it gives a fancy flare to things I think.
It's been a winner every time.

What's your favorite way to serve Brie?
Any awesome Halloween recipes you love?

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