Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Monthly Herd--October 2015-- It's a long one. I'm sorry. lol

So. I'm just gonna put it out there but I was a total fucking blogger goddess this month. I'm not even gonna lie. lol October was brutal on the blog front but I tackled Blog Ahead full force and wasn't messing around! It'll make life the coming year so much easier for me even if it did result in numb fingers a couple days and maybe a few tears and a few pounds of chocolate. Maybe. lol

But! As of now I'm ending October with 144 blog posts scheduled (76 done for blog ahead) for this blog and a new blog I started up for the services and events I plan. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. lol
If you'd like to be notified of event sign ups in 2016 be sure to sign up HERE! There are some great challenges and awesome hops set up for 2016 :D

Other than that...I spent a lot of time at the USO which was fun. Got to meet a group of Spanish Paratroopers that were coming through our center (damn they were HOT). *curses not keeping up with her high school Spanish* lol

Hrms. Oh oh! I'm doing a Christmas Gift Exchange. It's low key. Anyone is welcome to join. You get matched with one person and send them a prezzie :D If you'd like to join it's HERE and one for the Kinkery HERE
This was the big thing that was new for me :D The Herd Presents

It's actually a combo of a couple blogs I was running for different events I host (The herd hops & HCBS Promotions). I decided to combine them into The Herd Presents. It'll be where blog tour sign ups, reading challenges I host, blog hops and authors services. I think it's kinda pretty! Yall feel free to poke around and sign up for out 2016 events :D

I started doing Insta-Wednesday too! This features the previous week's instagram pics :)
Everyone is welcome to join in and link up their photo posts!

Okay! I know there is a LOT of shit here. But it's the time of year! Sorry! Sign ups for everything are opening and it can't be helped. lol

Yall get to Interview Me! Submit your questions HERE

I'm hosting 4 reading and review challenges in 2016

2016 New To You Reading Challenge--HERE
2016 Blogger Shame Review Challenge--HERE
2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge--HERE
2016 Pervy Girl Reading Challenge--coming soon.

There's a new tour sign up! It's for a fellow blogger turned author!

The Christmas Recipe Exchange opens tomorrow!


Thankful for You Blog Hop Sign Up
Christmas Treats Blog Hop Sign Up

Total Books: 17
New to Me authors: 3
For Challenges: 17
Favorite Read: Break Me Down by Roni Loren

Interview w/ Jennifer Faye

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Aaaand I think that's it for October! I'm heading for a nap! I'll see yall in a week or so <winks>
LOL Okay, no. But you'll see me shortly. I'm making blog rounds finally! Sorry yall. This past week was crazy busy USO-home-blog wise and I made it to a shamefully small number of blogs. But I'll be around this weekend hopefully :)


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