Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Rosie, treats & a sad #BabyG

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)
Whew! I was photo-graphy this week. Lotta pics. 

Thursday: Its Rosie!!! Yall she looked so good! For yall who haven't seen me around blogs much this past week and a spell Rosie is why. She went critical on me and after a procedure spent two days flat out on her side and barely responsive like she was still knocked out from drugs though she wasn't. Thursday we finally had improvement but still pretty touch and go. We were hours away from having to make a final decision when she decided she was gonna keep on fighting. Sitting up on her own, meowed at me and bright eyed. You can see her little feeding port over her ear. Learned how to do that at home. Whew! Thank yall for all the prayers and good thoughts. Shes definitely looking like a little miracle.

Book surprises are the best! Not totally sure about this one (I've kinda been off the BDB world in general as of late) but gonna give it a go. And....chocolate!

Friday: Not the best pic but look who's home!!!! 
There are some purrs happening and kneeding too. 
And everyone wants to sniff her. Now lots of rest and healing.

Friday: Home life. Went to do Ro's first feeding and realized they only gave me tiny medicine syringes. Mad dash to the vet in hot pink and black pjs. Of course there was a cutie arriving there right when I did. Lol. First feeding done. Whew.

After such a scary herd babe week the book gods decided Casa Herding Kitty 
needed a little comfort read.

Contemplating something I never thought Id a dake tree. Ahhhh I dont know if I can do it... #christmas #ijustdontknow #soeasy

(update: I do indeed now have a fake tree. or three)
not the one pictured

Yay freebies! From my grocery store (oreos and drink) and from the Betty Crocker newsletter (taco boats). Yum! #gotitfree #yum #tryingnewthings

I couldn't resist!!! How cute!
#food #thanksgiving #dessert #cute #ambaking

Wednesday: Someone is very unhappy about her current lot in life. But her vet visit went amazing and they said she was doing great :) She got green wrap instead of pink this go around. One more week then her feeding port can come out :) She's eating on her own now but gets her meds through the port. #catsofinstagram #catsarelove #tinyfighter

Yummy freebies from the grocery store. BabyG is quite pleased with her loot, too. Lol
#gotitfree #tryingnewthings #freebies #yum #kroger

#BabyG has a sad and is wonderin' where are all the kitties, Jaci Burton, where are all the kittehs? LOL


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