Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Authors, Halloween & Rocker Cats

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Cathy Maxwell was our guest author this past week at Lady Jane's Salon. 
She and one of our local ladies-Deb Marlowe- both read from their new books. Was so fun :)

Parting with all my money. *le sob*
[I was in desperate need of new glasses. I'm waiting for them to arrive. Can't wait.]

I couldnt resist! How cute! 
#kidless #nottrickortreating #dontcare #halloween #cute #hadtohaveit #squee #cats

#BabyG is ready for #halloween! Bring on the treats!!

Honest to goodness. My mail lady just left my package on the steps like this. When its raining and has been since yesterday and will be until tomorrow. Because this is REAL helpful. Didn't even knock. #TheUSPSsucks #WhatIfItHadBeenBooks #rain

If you do any photo posts (instagram or not) feel free to link in!


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