Saturday, November 21, 2015

Randomly Random: Oh no. I'm a noise maker. Noise. So much noise. #shameface

So a friend of mine posted on FB the other day some words she hates and omg yall. *hangs head* I say, erm, type, like 4 of them! And thus, I realized...I make a lot of noises. Like. A LOT of noises!

I squee!

and squeal with delight.

I gigglesnort and sometimes simply snort.
(in an oh so ladylike manner, of course!) 

There are meh's and grrrrr arrrrgs. 

I totally do the aaaaaaaahhhhh and ughs too.

I gah at things. And have a little swoon. There's the occasional ack!

Gack, gleck, squicks too.

There are lusty sighs

and whimpers too.

And let us not forget all the eeps. There are so many eeps!

*hangs head*

 I swear. I make more noise than actual words some days. lol

So. What about you. Are you, erm, noisy?

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