Tuesday, November 24, 2015

4 stars--Texas Hustle (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #5) by Cynthia D'Alba

Cowboys! I can never say no to a cowboy. It's a weakness, I know. And I'm totally okay with that. lol And, oh, Texas Hustle was fun! The quick of it is that Porchia needs to get out of town to avoid some drama from her past. And Darren is kinda in a male auction for charity and in a wild moment (and kinda to save his skin from the grips of another bidder) Porchia bids on the man. Without even realizing that her prize?...is 10 days camping in the woods with him and his massive family. Um... lol

The characters were great. Porchia and Darren were cute together. They had great chemistry though it did take them a while to finally get a move on the naughty bits! (I totally thought this was gonna be an erotic romance but nope mainstream contemporary) But it was fun watching them and seeing their relationship change and the teasing that happened. They were nice people too and easy to be around. Definitely a win there.

I freaking LOVED Darren's family. They're fun and caring and I am dying to read the rest of their stories.

The camping. Now. Yall know I do NOT do nature. But I could seriously get behind the way the Montogmery clan camps. They do it in style! Cabins. Cabins everywhere. With kitchens and running water. Yes, please! The stoyline actually reminded me of Shannon Stacey's Kowalski family and them camping together. Lots of love and family and teasing and just a good time.
She twisted the stick around. It didn't look too dirty. Still, maybe she should take it inside and give it a good washing. Before she could do much more than have that thought, Darren was back with four hot dogs.

"Four? I might eat one."

"You just wait," he said. "My dogs are to die for. And notice I was mature enough not to say wieners."

This time, she laughed. "Appreciate it."
There was a nice bit of humor in it too which was fun too.

There was a tiny bit of danger and while it wasn't my favorite part of the story and felt more like filler at the same time it wasn't bad. It did bring a little drama to the table. So semi-fantabulous? lol

The only real downfall for me was some of the terminology used during sex scenes. There's just nothing sexy about the phrase watery secretions. Nothing. At. All. lol Vulva lips, labial lips, penis, vagina. The terms just didn't really work for me. Give me cock and pussy, please!

All in all, though, Texas Hustle had me smiling and completely charmed. It was a great time with a lovely group of people that have me antsy to get to all of their stories. Can't ask for much more than that!

contemporary, romance, cowboys, camping
Porchia Summers was born into a family who gave her everything except affection. She acted out until her parents sent her to Whispering Springs before their high-society friends found out about her arrest record.

She builds a good life in Texas, but then the old boyfriend who got her in trouble tracks her down. Desperate to find a way to keep her past and present separate, she places a bid at a bachelor auction on the one man who’ll get her out of town for a few days.

Darren Montgomery is thrilled when Porchia wins him and a week of camping with his entire family in a charity bachelor auction. He’s also curious. He’s been flirting with the town’s sweet, sexy baker for years. Sometimes she flirts back, but she’s never let things go further than that. Darren’s not complaining, but he wonders just what’s going on behind Porchia’s pretty eyes.

Warning: Watch out for chigger bites, love bites, and secrets that bite.

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