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#AFTH2015 w/ Cherise Sinclair-- a visit with the Masters!

Cherise Sinclair is hijacking the blog today! Yall. She's one of the authors that's pretty special to me. She was my first venture into BDSM romance and one of the first erotic authors I tried out years ago. I was immediately hooked!

Her books are, whew, hot and steamy! but full of so much humor (you'll see below) and heart as well. Amazing romances, lust-worthy heroes and women who are so dang strong and beautiful and aren't all exactly the same. Curvy heroines, slender ones, ones with imperfect bodies. I love that they feel like real women and ones you could easily know. It makes them feel a bit more special to me I think.

Anyways. I'll hand things over to Cherise now. Yall be very naughty for her. She's ready for ya! ~anna

Hey, y’all! I’m thrilled Anna invited me to join you here for the Authors for the Holidays event. I’m Cherise and I write hot romance. Um, very hot romance. Oh, hell, I admit it. Romance with a hearty scooping of kink.

And, what better time to enjoy a steamy romance than when the temperatures fall, the nights come early, and you can curl up under your favorite blankie with a book that’ll warm your cockles? (I’m not certain what cockles are, but I’m sure they’re supposed to be kept warm.).

Anna, my dear cat herder, thank you for having me here today. I’ll have you know, I suffered to get this list of “Best Ways to Land on Master Santa’s Naughty List.” You see, being a perfectly sweet, deferential person, I couldn’t think of a single naughty act to go on the list. But, I did know just which experts might provide the answers.

Yep, I made an after-hours visit to a very exclusive, isolated BDSM club. After parking in the nearly deserted lot, I went through the side gate and into Master Z’s private gardens. As I walked toward the back of the stone mansion, the sultry night air was filled with fragrance from the tropical blooms. When I stopped to listen, I heard only the low murmur of conversation. Sounded as if the Doms were discussing plans for the last Shadowlands’ trainee. Poor Uzuri was going to be in for a rough time.

Once I entered the screened-in lanai, I saw far too many Masters sitting around the long oak-and-iron coffee table. And, alas, they all stopped talking and turned to me. Have y’all ever faced a group of really, really powerful Dominants? They’re bad enough one at a time, but all of them?

I didn’t end up a little goopy puddle on the ground…but it was close.

Well, no guts, no glory. “Sirs. I’m very, very sorry to interrupt, but I need ideas for a holiday post. I came to ask for help.”
“Indeed.” The owner of the Shadowlands, Master Z, studied me for a long uncomfortable moment. “What kind of a post?”
“It should be simple for you guys. Really. It’s a list of things that would put a subbie on her Master Santa’s naughty list.”
“No submissive would want to displease her Master or be on a naughty list. What are you telling your readers, Cherise?” With his scarred, hard face and black eyes, Master Nolan could intimidate the bravest subbie…which I am not.
Stand firm. Authors don’t cower. My knees started to shake. “Ah…” This wasn’t starting well. Sure, submissives want to please. It doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally enjoy misbehaving. And most are smart enough to know when bratting will result in a fun punishment rather than a seriously pissed-off Dom.
“We all know Beth wouldn’t ever displease you.” Master Cullen rescued me. The huge Dom waggled his eyebrows at Nolan. “Or be so annoyed with you that she’d put glitter in your shampoo and soap.”
Sweet little Beth did what? Don’t laugh. I smothered my emerging snickers so well that my ears popped. “Glitter? In your shower?”
“Sneaky brat.” Nolan snorted. “I sparkled like a fucking Christmas tree all day. My construction crew thought it was funny as hell.” The corner of his mouth lifted. “For some reason the drywall girl called me a vampire.”
“Yep, I’d say Beth earned a place on that list.” FBI special agent Vance put his hands behind his head. “Galen and I have a little brat. We could probably fill the author’s list with Sally’s antics alone.”
I rather agreed. Sally’s gang of three held master pranksters.
Galen nodded. “The anal plugs still have the faces of the seven dwarves that she drew on them. Grumpy’s on the biggest.”
“And she got a seriously grumpy face when we used that plug on her,” Vance said.
As the Masters started laughing and drinking, I relaxed. It seemed as if I was going to get my list.
“Remember when Uzuri got into your toy bag and replaced everything with miniature toys?” Marcus asked Master Sam. “The bondage bear with the ball gag made of string and a grape was damned creative.”
“And the six inch flogger made of yarn?” Jake grinned.

“I liked the snipped-off birthday candles in the tiny wax play kit,” Mistress Anne said.
“Those weren’t the only candles that have been sabotaged.” Cullen pointed to Raoul. “Didn’t you have a problem once? Right after you’d boasted about how sweetly submissive your slave was?”
 When Raoul glanced at me, his grin was devastatingly white in his darkly tanned face.
“My sumisita wasn’t enthusiastic about trying wax play, at all, even though I’d told her it’d just be once to see if she liked it. We were in the Shadowlands’ dungeon, and I’d lowered the lights to enhance the sensuous effect.”
He shook his head ruefully, and his Spanish accent thickened. “Somehow, she’d inserted Fourth of July sparkler wicks into my waxplay candles. When I lit the candle…” His fingers made an exploding motion. “Phhhsssst! I almost had a heart attack.”
Even though I couldn’t help laughing, I worried. Kim had been through a rough time before Raoul. I asked cautiously, “Did you punish her?”
“Bad little slaves should be punished, no?” Amusement lit his dark brown eyes. “The sparkler-candles burned brightly, and with the area so well lit, I could see to insert a couple of toys. So. She spent an entire—very long—waxplay scene right on the edge of an orgasm.”
Remind me not to piss off that Master.
Master Sam gave Raoul an approving nod. “Good consequences. Now, my Linda, being a masochist, likes pain, but orgasm denial sends her right off the deep end.”
“Yes. Older submissives are less tolerant of frustration.” Cullen grinned. “But Linda’s not a good woman to anger. Did she take a flogger to you?”
Older, harder, meaner, Master Sam simply smiled. “Not hardly. But the next time I tried to use a toy on her, the batteries were dead. In all the toys.”
“So?” Vance shrugged. “You live on a ranch. You must a box of batteries.”
“Every battery in the house was dead. Every. Single. One.” The hardcore sadist wore a terrifying expression.
“A masochist wouldn’t think a whipping was a punishment.” Master Z raised an inquiring eyebrow.
“Don’t have to have toys. There are other ways to bring a submissive to the brink of orgasm…and keep her there. We explored them all.” Master Sam’s expression held a terrifying satisfaction. “The last couple of days, I had to gag her. She has quite a vocabulary when she’s riled.”
The nods of approval were alarming. I took a careful step back.
“So, Cullen? Has Andrea ever given you trouble?” Dan asked.
“Nah. I get called names in Spanish, but she rarely messes with my possessions—probably because she was raised poor. Although…” He grinned. “After one argument, she went and braided the strands on each flogger. They actually looked quite pretty, but still…” He shook his head. “I showed her in a nice long session that braided strands can sting.”
“Braided floggers—and no damage done. She’s a clever pet.” With a slight smile, Master Z added his own story. “Jessica was unhappy when I used her to demonstrate a selection of new vibrators. I told her she should accustom herself to being watched. However, the next night as I inspected the club before opening, I saw a hundred beady eyes staring at me. She’d pasted googly eyes on every paddle on the wall display.”
“I remember,” Dan chuckled. “All the eyes focused on the chain station.”
Marcus laughed. “Did you see young LaRue? He’d wanted to use the station, but the eyes intimidated him.”
“And Jessica’s still alive?” I asked, slightly disbelieving.
Master Z gave me a serene nod. “Of course.”
“Alive but wiser,” Cullen said. “Z stripped her and put her on my bartop to clean the stack of paddles. She was stalling until he told the Doms that any paddle with eyes still on could be used to swat her ass.” He glanced at Z. “There were around twenty paddles?”
“Twenty-two.” Z confirmed. “She started cleaning quickly…but I’m afraid she still couldn’t sit down for a couple of days.”
After the laughter died, Nolan lifted his glass to Marcus. “How about Gabi?”
“Like Andrea, Gabi is mostly all verbal insults,” Marcus said in his slow Southern drawl. “I do believe her teenaged clients compete in thinking up good ones for her.” He lifted his chin at the veterinarian, Jake. “What about Rainie?”
“Rainie can be mouthy,” Jake said. “But she does go further, at times. Like tonight.”
I smiled. Rainie had a wicked sense of humor.
“Earlier, I’d refused to let her keep another stray cat—and she was pissed.” The veterinarian shook his head. “After she called me a dick in a number of inventive ways, I dug out a cane and strapped the case to my toybag to use tonight here.”
The sadist, Master Sam, nodded approval. “Caning is a damn fine punishment.”
“Ayuh,” Galen murmured. “I like canes.”
“Not this one.” Jake shook his head. “I restrained her to the St. Andrew’s cross and then pulled the cane from the long case.” He stood and made a grand gesture—a swordsman unsheathing his weapon. And then he used his arm to show how something long and stiff went…floppy. “She’d traded my nice rigid cane for a limp-dick dragontail.”
As laughter erupted in the lanai, he sighed and resumed his seat. “Seeing something long and hard go all soft and saggy?” He patted his crotch. “I swear, I may never be able to use my…equipment…again.”

“Ah, now, that sucks, buddy.” Shaking his head in sympathy, Cullen handed him a fresh beer.

“So that is the reason.” Smiling faintly, Master Z said, “I am accustomed to screams coming from the dungeon. Not the sounds of a subbie giggling her head off.”
Jake shook his head. “At least the switch, limp or not, worked quite well.” He smiled at me. “Does that give you enough for your list?”

“Right. Yeah. It sure does.” As the Masters resumed their discussion of how they were going to deal with a reticent little trainee, I started making notes, sipping the rum and coke Cullen had handed me.

But, you see, halfway through the list, I decided you, my dears, probably should know the possible repercussions of being a naughty little subbie. And that’s why you’re getting the entire story, rather than a simple list.

It’s the holiday season, after all, and when you go to whisper all the goodies your Master Santa should bring his good girl, it’d be a real shame if you were too tender to sit in his lap.

I’m wishing you all a loving holiday season, full of fun and laughter and snuggles. And, to keep that laughter going, have you got a favorite prank you’ve pulled or read about?

A dark ‘n’ stormy night. A drenched accountant. An isolated BDSM club.  And…Master Z.  #IGotABadFeelingAboutThis   

Her car disabled during a tropical storm, Jessica Randall discovers the isolated house where she's sheltering is a private bondage club. At first shocked, she soon becomes aroused watching the interactions between the Doms and their subs. But she's a professional woman--an accountant--and surely isn't a submissive . . . is she?

Master Z hasn't been so attracted to a woman in years. But the little sub who has wandered into his club intrigues him. She's intelligent. Reserved. Conservative. After he discovers her interest in BDSM, he can't resist tying her up and unleashing the passion she hides within.

It's FREE ---> Amazon | ARe | Goodreads

USA Today Bestselling Author, Cherise Sinclair is renowned for writing heart-wrenching stories with laugh-out-loud dialogue, devastating Dominants, and absolutely sizzling sex. And did I mention the BDSM? Her awards range from a National Leather Award to a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice nomination to a Goodreads BDSM group’s Best Author of the Year.
Cherise currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her beloved husband and writes full-time under the supervision of a merciless feline.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | On herding cats

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