Friday, December 11, 2015

Tasty Delights-- Cauliflower Fried "Rice" & Pagoda Eggrolls

Once again...Tasty got me. lol I love cauliflower and when I saw the cauliflower fried rice it was a given it was gonna happen. Even better when I got eggrolls for review and could make it to go with them. Noms! It was really dang tasty too!
You can definitely add meat. Since I'm a veggie I left that out and added onion to mine.
You could also totally add tofu to it.


Start sauteing up your ingredients.

Pulse the raw cauliflower until it's a semi-course chop. This doesn't take long at all.


Add in to the sauteed vegetables.

Mix then cook your cauliflower for just a bit.
I added a little water and covered the pan.
It took maybe 6 or so minutes?

Then create a little well in the middle of the veggies and add scrambled eggs.

Cook the eggs until done then mix with the veggies.

Add soy sauce and cook just a couple more minutes.

Top with chopped green onions then serve!

omg this was so yummy! 
I really couldn't taste the cauliflower and had I had my eyes closed could have really been fooled. 

Soooo I actually paired my "rice" with eggrolls I received via BzzAgent. 
I love eggrolls and when I was offered these to check out I knew I had to try them and I was going to make this 'rice' dish to go with them. I was a girl on a mission when I hit Kroger to find them. lol

And...yummy! These were actually really good and I've since eaten my entire package of them.
I have no shame!! They were good! lol And pretty easy. They come with three baking options (microwave, oven, deep frying) and I went with the baking option which takes twenty minutes. It was perfect for the length of time it took me to make the 'rice' dish. I popped them in, halfway through I flipped them, and by the time the 'rice' was ready the eggrolls were sizzling and crispy.

While I didn't love the sauce that came with the eggrolls (I'm picky) I did love the eggrolls. They were moist (oh I know we so hate that word) inside and crispy outside. A little celery kick but not bad. I'll definitely buy them again. 

Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters is all about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I'll share my delights and my disasters. Yall feel free to join in and create your own posts, share your favorite recipes, what have you. If you have a recipe suggestion just let me know!

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