Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Insta-Christmas: The one with a LOT of pictures. Eeps!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's month ala Instagram :)
Aaaaand the Christmas (or rather December) edition!
Since AFTH was going strong all month I decided to save up all of our insta-goodness for today:)'s what we've been up to :D

Woohoo for my town! Leaf pick up is happening. 
I so wish I had a mini truck like that I could just sweep over the whole yard. 
#nature #fall #townofcary #takethatnature #annavsnature

Maaaaaaaaa what are you doin ta me?? This isnt snuggles!!
 #BabyG #catsarelove #themEars

The herd babes had their Thanksgiving tonight. Cypress couldn't wait to be served. lol

Our reason to be thankful this year. Ro is scarfing down her Thanksgiving lunch!
(she's feeding port free these days, woot!)

It was a kinda weird Thanksgiving but yummy! 
Stuffed and headed for bed. USO tonight :)
(the cheeseburger cups are coming up for a Tasty Delights post)

First half of Thanksgiving was Tessa Bailey (and lordy the mouth on him!). 
Second half is Kresley Cole. The IAD is gonna keep me company at the USO tonight :)

Spending the last bit of Thanksgiving at one of my favorite places :) 
#uso #thanksgiving #supportthetroops

I may have overestimated my fake tree to living room ratio. Erms. 
Its up. Still needs fluffing and gonna have to be moved but...its up!
#christmas #HerdChristmas #faketrees #tryingnewthings #oops

Look who! Yall remember Frannie from 2 Summers ago when she was so sick? 
Shes decided to be a downstairs cat again!

Spent a little time with neighbor pups --gracie and darva--today :) 
Look at that cute face!

For the next little while... :)

Three guesses where I was this morning... 
#myview #morning #sky #carolinasky #beautiful #nofilter

<3 Best view to wake up to.
#catsarelove #myview #babyg #naps

Aaaaaaaaand that's Black Friday at House of the Cat. lol 
Well 2 books. I got a Jill Shalvis one too but its not arrived yet.
#BigSpender #BlackFridayDeals

#BabyG has a thing for tissue paper...

#ItsTheMo #JudgingYou

I went to a political rally. See that little string of light over on the top right? Thats the entrance. Im not even at the back of the line. Doesnt really matter who the rally is for but dayum thats a lot of people getting involved and informing themselves. Regardless of who you vote for or support involvement is a good thing.

Came home to a box of books and family photos of my great uncle allen from my mom. #MyMomIsAwesome #books #family #mailcall #surprise #gatorade #studebakers

Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz and popcorn. Yes, please!

Star Wars mac&cheese for lunch. Yes, ma'am. 
#ameating #ISwearImGrown #yum #kidless #lunch

Sometimes a girl just needs a cinnamon roll at 140 in the mornin... 
#ambaking #dessert #yum #okaymaybetwo 

A little beauty in December.
#beauty #nature #winter #roses #inmygarden

Two cutie UPS men brought me some pretteh reads this mornin.

The most awkward four legged kneed ever. #BabyG making some biscuits...

She has no shame, people. She has no shame. 
#catitude #thief #marcie #noshame

Instant Happy.
#BabyG entry Day 1: Treats. Treats would make me happy.

Nope. Not freaky at all to turn your face and see this. Not freaky at all... 
#freakycat #scaredofyou #saveme #marcie

Getting to snuggle a BIG girl tonight. Lotta herd pup. Shes all tuckered out.

Stickers!!!!! Working on Christmas cards :)

I just got the most awesome secret santa gifty. Im totally in love <3 
Thank you Secret Kitten!! 

Decided no Christmas ornaments this year (5 made it on lol)

Ro with her tree <3

Christmas cards from the herd... DONE!

Grocery store freebies for the win! #gotitfree #freebies #tryingnewthings
Plus some freebies to take to the USO

#BabyG is worried. She's worried her mama forgot Christmas treats when she went to the store. What if they're out next time? What if there arent enough Christmas treats for the whole herd? Or no chicken ones? She loves the chicken ones. G has a worry...

Always have a book on hand. Vet with a #herdboy. 
Hes been taken away for all kinds of fun stuff including a shave. 

Yeah #babyg is into the gifties her grandmom sent. 
She doesnt quite know what to do with the catnip. Lol
(this is the first catnip in 1 1/2 years)

A little bit of my Christmas :)

Kicking off Christmas at the USO. Love getting to come in during the holidays <3 
Hope yall are having a good one :)

There was a rainbow on the way home from the USO :) #christmasmorning

The guilty 'I swear I didnt eat an entire bag of chicken jerky and make myself sick' look. Mmhm. #HerdPup had a long night and so did her mama. 
#dogslife #naughtybutcute #dogstagram #seniorpets


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