Friday, February 5, 2016

1 star/DNF--How to Wrangle a Cowboy (Cowboys of Decker Ranch #3) by Joanne Kennedy

Cowboys! I love cowboys. And I was kind of digging the set up on this one. After her long estranged grand dad passed away Lindsey's come back home for the funeral only to find out she's now the new owner of a sprawling family ranch. Even worse? She's gotta deal with the ranch foreman who just rubs her wrong. She's sure he's trying to con her grandmom. And his feelings aren't much more friendly towards her and her intentions. That could totally lead to some fiery interactions, right?

Alright, despite a set up I would typically enjoy and a single daddy hero (total sucker for those!) How to Wrangle a Cowboy turned out to be a DNF at the 50% mark. There were just too many things I couldn't get past that landed it in the meh category.

Alright so...
  • No logical thought process on the heroine's part. She's dead set on believing the hero is out to con her grandmother and steal from them. And I still can't figure out why other than he was a foster kid way back when. He's been in the area since he was a kid, he's worked for the ranch and her grandparents his whole adult life. He's the freaking foreman and cares about her grandmom and has ties to the community. That's one long ass con job if he's really out to just steal from the family. She just made no sense and even 50% in was still contemplating his con-man status. 
  • Outside drama that just didn't make any real sense. The grandfather's will was updated a week before he died. And illegitimate child he knew about and left out is blackmailing the heroine/estate saying he'll take them to court and win the ranch if she doesn't pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the lawyer is like well you gotta give him the money and pay him off. And so begins her path of idiocy in not telling anyone of the issue and trying to figure out how to sell off items at the ranch like the freaking cattle the ranch is for! and acting like she'll need to sell the whole ranch (millions) to payoff a couple hundred thousand in blackmail. Um. What?
  • If you have no clue how to run a ranch don't be a bitch to the only person there who does and cares about the ranch and is logically acting like you're an idiot for contemplating selling the backbone of the ranch.
"Do what you want. It's your ranch. Bit I can't run it without cattle."

"Point taken. I'm glad you realize it'snot your decision to make." She adjusted her posture, doing her best to look down on a man who topped her by at least four inches. "It seems to me you've been making the decisions around here for much too long."
 He's the fucking ranch foreman. He SHOULD be making decisions. It's his damn job! Ahhh!
  • Erratic thoughts/behavior on the parts of both the hero and heroine. I don't trust you. I want you. I think you're a con man/gold digger. Oh what soft skin you have. It might be love. How dare you not trust me! even though I'm hiding things from you too. Lets fall into bed! Love! Hate! On and on and usually within seconds. They just didn't feel stable at any point. 
  • A heroine who couldn't stop crying. She just came across as weak. Any time she felt overwhelmed or needed to end an argument...the tears started up.  Fucking A! Grow a damn pair.
  • I liked the hero well enough but really he was nothing special. I did love that he was a daddy and trying to be there for his young son. But there wasn't anything gripping about him.
  • Other than them sniping at each other and randomly being overcome and kissing each other there was no connection and then when they've maybe mended fences and are thinking about being together (still not sure where that came from) instead of, you know, dates, spending time together, etc they're just ooo lets go fuck! and have inner thoughts of love. Again made no sense at that point in time.
  • Flowery language. It was just exhausting. ex-- A cry escaped him, low and guttural, and she gazed down from the peak of ecstasy to see him clench his fists and throw his head back like a man in pain. Giving in to the gravity of the real world, she dove from the heights like a falcon that closes its wings and plunges earthward. 
All in all, meh. Her overreactions after they had sex had me tapping out. There was just nothing pulling me in or urging me to keep going. 
Lindsey Ward is shocked when her grandfather leaves his ranch to her, complete with a ranch foreman who's difficult and annoyingly attractive. Lindsey thinks she has no choice but to sell the ranch, but Shane Lockhart is determined to change her mind…

Shane is determined that working and living at the Ward ranch is the only way to raise his young son properly. In order to stay at the ranch he calls home, Shane will have to warm the heart of the most stubborn, appealing woman he's ever met - opening up his own heart in the process.


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